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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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Why I Joined Another Direct Sales Company


This is an open letter of sorts about why I joined another direct sales company.

I feel led to get it off my chest because it’s 2021 and, though a side gig is the new black, I’m not eager to be the woman who sells all the things.

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I sell things in a way that allows me to podcast, blog, and offer run coaching at a fair price everyone can access.

That’s been the business model for 2 years and I have never been shy about it. No Facebook parties, guilt trips, or hey girl messages.

You come to me when you need something, I stand behind the brands I represent with policies like free return shipping (this is a me thing, not a company thing), and even when you don’t need things there is a podcast weekly.

It’s actually quite simple.

Run Lift Mom ZYIA Aloette

My personal history with direct sales

I joined ZYIA in summer 2018 when my Husband left for a 12 month Army school. I wanted something positive to distract me and I loved the Light n Tights.

Still do!

I knew it was direct sales and that made me a bit queasy but, hindsight, that’s only because I had been exposed to bad apples to that point.

Hey girl messages, guilt trips, you know.

I quickly learned those types are a loud minority and most people in direct sales simply have an entrepreneurial spirit.

They have a traditional 9-5 and direct sales allows them to be creative and call shots.

They don’t get to manage people at work but have the ability to use leadership skills in direct sales.

Or, they know direct sales is essentially e-commerce with proof of concept in the product and low entry points.

ZYIA Run Lift Mom

Personally, I didn’t know I had an entrepreneurial spirit until ZYIA but it became apparent quickly.

I love ZYIA and I’m not leaving. And nobody is asking me to.

Why I’m adding Aloette

My biggest frustration at ZYIA has been operating within a party plan as someone who doesn’t do them.

Have I tried? Yes. Did I enjoy it? No. Did my busy, working Mom customers like it? No.

There is plenty of support, but it’s the enthusiasm kind. There are no tools to help me.

In just over 2 years, I’ve achieved top 1% in personal sales but can’t seem to get unstuck from my rank. Advancing would provide higher profit margins.

I’m the example in this company of why you must recruit all the time.

Don’t be Suzy. Focus on sharing the opportunity!

zyia without parties

It’s all Providence

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me here- they are right. Had I been more aggressive about building a team in 2018, I’d be in a very different position.

Let me be clear: nobody is rude or pressures me.

They applaud what I’ve done with the podcast & if I had a nickel for every time so done has said “what’s mine is yours” in terms of resources I could buy everyone reading this new leggings.

Aloette Suzy

Put simply- it’s always felt a little square peg, round hole at ZYIA.

Since I knew that feeling so distinctly, I knew what it meant when Aloette came into my life. I also know this brand wouldn’t work without my ZYIA experience.

It’s all Providence.

Aloette influencer

I will be reporting directly to the corporate office, which means I’ve had the pleasure of speaking one on one with the CEO of Aloette twice already.

This woman is beyond forward thinking and it is reflected in the company culture.

They have over 42 years in business and it thrills me to align with a company that has both history and vision.

This is a place where people like me can move up by building a team or selling. As in, either or.

I didn’t need to fork over a ton of money before I had the privilege of then paying for a website to represent their brand.

It’s how direct sales should be done.

Join Aloette
Aloette run lift mom

Aloette is an active member of the Direct Selling Association, which means they’re helping get this industry where it should be.

Add to that, the products are 100% cruelty free and free of any gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone and formaldehyde donors.

It was probably really great luck that I tried the enzyme peel first (if they would only allow me to sell one thing, that would be it!) but I’ve been really impressed with everything thus far.

I am able to offer my customers 60 day exchanges, skincare at both luxury and value price points, and company hosted sales multiple times per year.

Join Aloette influencer

What’s this going to look like?

I will be promoting items on the podcast that are a great fit for runners, lifters, and mothers.

So, nothing has changed (except we don’t need to play sizing gymnastics!).

I’m not stupid.

I know you have beauty products you love on your counter right now.

I hope you will consider this brand as a way to support the podcast in the future; just like with your leggings and sports bras, I am a message away when you need guidance and Customer Service.

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