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When to Start a Podcast: a Guide for Direct Sales Reps


Is there really ever a great time for a huge project? Well, maybe! Here’s when to start a podcast: a guide for direct sales reps.

This is based on my experience with my own 2 shows as well as working exclusively with other podcasters who are in direct sales as a Producer.

Let me clarify something: these are not the only reasons you’d start a show. For some, it’s simply a hobby they enjoy. That’s reason enough!

1: You’re stuck in your warm market

Most direct sellers hit a wall after about 2 or 3 months with their immediate friends and family, which are considered “warm market”. You run out of people to sell things to!

So, should you cold message everyone in your Facebook friend list?

Sure…if you want to be demoralized and out of business by month 4.

A podcast is a great way to reach new people in your niche market by offering value first.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust- that “factor” is increased when new to you listeners tune in each week or bi weekly, learn or are entertained, and connect with you in an intimate way (there’s nothing like having someone’s voice in your ear!).

2: You want to create evergreen content

Not all shows are evergreen, meaning not time specific, but for the most part you can repurpose things to use in the future with a podcast.

With a single episode of audio, you have content to offer your customers, social media content, and sound bites for future topics and/or rereleases.

I recommend Headliner app for audiograms, which are transcribed videos with standstill images you can use on all social media channels. If you have guest interviews, you can offer these marketing assets as a thank you for being on the show!

3: You need a larger Internet footprint (SEO)

There are currently 14 different platforms for podcast distribution, including places like Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, and more.

Each time you publish an episode, your show gets a page per distribution platform.

Some require manual submission for distribution even if you’re using Anchor, which is why a Producer is helpful to outsource the task to), but let’s use simple math to demonstrate how quickly that adds up.

You’re on 10 platforms. You publish 10 episodes. That’s 100 different pages.

You do one episode per week for an entire year. That’s over 500 different pages.

Do you have a website? Imagine what all those backlinks in the show notes are doing for you!

4: You’re growing your personal brand

A podcast provides the opportunity to connect directly with your niche market to solve a problem and/or make life better separate from the direct sales brand you represent.

I know what you’re thinking, “I love my brand! I’ll never leave! Why would I separate it from myself?”

Friend, I know over 2 dozen people who said that exact same thing last week and their brands are closing the doors next month.

You need a personal brand. A podcast can help grow it.

5: You want to develop new skill sets

As an independent podcaster, you get a fast track program to many areas of business that are valuable: sourcing, research, technical aspects, communication technique, and marketing.

Can you outsource some of this rather than doing it yourself? Yes, of course. If you want to develop in a specific area though- say, you’re a writer and want to polish your art of storytelling- this is a great way to do it.

Final thoughts

I believe every direct seller should be involved in the podcasting space; if not on your own show, guesting as a conscious effort to build your brand and business.

If the former is for you, look how easy it is to get started:

Pssst- here’s an entire podcast essentials list if you’re at the point where you need equipment to start recording and batching your demo episodes!

Contact me if you want to learn how to start a show of your own as a strategy to expand your warm market or build your personal brand.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type, you can also get my podcast playbook + a 20 minute ZOOM session for less than the cost of a lunch out. 

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