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What’s a BHAG & Why Do You Need One?


What’s a BHAG & Why Do You Need One? BHAG stands for “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. It represents a goal outside what is historically (personal) or market (business) realistic.

Here’s an example of my current BHAG goal and one I achieved:

Benefits of setting a goal like this

A good BHAG is great for your personal development:

  • Makes it easier to share personal dreams– It gets people excited and inspired. With your big hairy audacious goal, you’ll have a tool that sparks thought-provoking conversation with others.
  • Creates something bigger than yourself – With a big hairy audacious goal, you have a vision that you’re set on carrying out. It is likely long term and can guide short term goals within.
  • Confidence booster! When you achieve something seemingly impossible, it solidifies your growth mindset. It creates a foundation for future visionary thinking.

How To Create Your Own BHAG

First, you need to identify a goal worth pursuing. We often think too small with our goals, so as you write out your potential ideas. Don’t try and filter yourself. If anything, try to err on the side of “too audacious” or even “crazy.”

A good BHAG is not something can be achieved quickly or easily. Aim for a long term goal but not so long (20 years!) you won’t be actively engaged.

Your goal should be action-oriented. It’s not something that will take care of itself.

Sure, you’ll throw “SMART” (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time based) out the window for brainstorming. Your goal should still be measurable.

Giving a concrete number in your BHAG allows you to measure your progress. It also makes it more memorable and compelling.

A BHAG Is Simple

You should be able to fully communicate your BHAG in a sentence or two. Don’t confuse simplicity with dullness, though. Do something so exciting and scary it makes you a bit nauseous to think about!

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