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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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What to Do if Your Race is Canceled


In this episode of Run Lift Mom, I teamed up with the best running coaches out there to discuss what to do with your race is cancelled:

Show Notes

2:00 Jack Brunecz, Methodist University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field  on why this is bittersweet and the mindset you should own 

Jack Brunecz, Director of Cross Country and Track & Field at Methodist University

4:00 Liz DeLise, Coaching on doing the run anyway but respecting your training 

Liz DeLise of Rambling Mom Runs

10:00 round table with Dr Matt DeBole, PT, DPT & Coach Chris Kenon

Coach Chris Kenon, RRCA Certified Coach & Race Director

11:00 honoring feelings of disappointment 12:30 Chris’s personal story with hurricane cancelled half IM 14:00 why we’re shocked 15:00 “reverse taper” defined 18:00 reevaluating goals & creating new micro cycles for fall rescheduled races 

21:30 silver lining of getting an “out” in a poor training season, opportunity to make next training cycling schedule 23:00 how to plan a safe community or virtual run 24:30 focus on safety, creative ideas to recreate experience 

28:00 nerding out on running as a sport 30:00 should runners sign up for another race now or wait it out? 33:00 focusing on what you can control 

35:00 Valerie Hunt of RunRx on mechanics and practicing the skill of running in the off season

text of 5 tips for a cancelled race with image of run coach on right side

Many of us are wrapping our heads around cancelled races due to the current health crisis. What should you do if your race is no longer happening? Outside of hiring a coach to help you sort it out, here are my top 5 tips for a cancelled marathon: 

Don’t jump into a new program

For many of you with late March and early April races, you are at your peak mileage. You need to give your body a rest before moving onto something new. What’s worse than a canceled race? An overuse injury!

Consider a reverse taper

This is if your race reschedules and is highly specific to your race date, so I will encourage you to contact your existing coach or hire one to help with this specific piece.

Don’t take advantage of your current training


You don’t want to look for a race in a few weeks in an effort to use your existing training. We don’t know when this crisis will be over so your safest bet is to look into the summer or fall for a new event.

Run the distance if you need to

Many races are offering a virtual option. Even if yours isn’t, consider running the distance on race day if you feel like you’ll need emotional closure. 

It feels very selfish to be concerned about this, but the reality is you have invested a lot of time into your training and it’s okay to mourn the experience you thought you would have.

Remember your WHY

I know it’s not completely detached from the racing experience. Why did you decide to do this race outside of that, though?

To challenge yourself? To become healthier? To establish a positive habit? To be a good role model for your kids?

Please write down your why & put it somewhere visible. You’re going to feel some waves of disappointment and I want you to have easy access.

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