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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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What Should your Direct Sales Podcast be About?


Are you wondering what your direct sales podcast should be about? Or what the episodes could/would be?

Podcasting is great for direct sellers who need to to get out of their warm market, stand out, and create a hobby project or business with a service foundation.

My own podcast is a response to my Business Coach urging me to go deeper with my existing customers with a Facebook “VIP group”.

I didn’t want to do a Facebook group, so I decided to do a show that reflected the space of my Instagram account all about fitness and parenthood.

Podcast idea mapping

Let’s do some brainstorming to decide what your direct sales podcast will be about. 

If you’re thinking about what your podcast will be about, let’s assume the following:

For direct sellers, podcasting is great because its is unsaturated, a great way to go deep with your existing customers or pick up new ones, and offers tons of purposeful value. 

What should it be about?

Many direct sellers want to start a podcast but they don’t know where to start or what podcast about. Whether you’re struggling to find one idea or you have lots of ideas and are struggling to pick one, I recommend you go through the following exercise to make sure your podcast topic will work.

Create a list of ideas so that you can choose what you podcast will be about by selecting one:

  • You will have plenty of content for
  • You’re extremely interested in
  • There is an audience for

To get things started, ask yourself:

  • What are some things I already like to learn about?
  • What would I pay to learn if I could afford it?
  • What do I wish existed?

Now get out a pen and paper. Your focus is on your personal knowledge and skills.

Brainstorming cues:

  • What challenges have you personally overcome?
  • What do your friends, family & colleagues complain about that you do easily?
  • What do friends say you’re great at?
  • How do you people introduce you to others? 
  • What are you excited about?
  • What would you do if you had an extra free 2 hours?
  • What would you talk about with a friend for an hour about?
  • What do you do on the weekend?
  • What do other people do that you think is cool or interesting?

No idea is bad at this stage. It’s “blue sky”.

Pssst- don’t worry about whether or not you have the expertise or credibility. You can always approach with learning as you go or speaking with other experts.

Action step: select one topic you’re interested in, knowledgeable about, and that has plenty of material to talk about.

Episode Ideas

Once you’ve decided what your show will be about, take advantage of that brainstorming momentum and create a master list of show ideas. Here are some places to look if you’re stuck:


  • Books related to your one broad topic
  • Look in the table of contents for specific episode ideas
  • Reviews: 2-4 star will get more thoughtful feedback, likely isn’t paid 

Internet Search

  • Search engines like Google, Bing
  • Q&A sites: Reddit, Quora
  • Search for top blogs on your topic
  • Comments on blogs, resources mentioned within blog content  
  • Podcast reviews of existing podcasts on your topic


  • Facebook community groups related to your topic
  • Talk to people who resemble your ideal listener 

What about interviews?

Planning on doing an interview-style show? You should also research people you’d like to interview as you think about how to plan podcast episodes.

A few places to look are:

  • Podcast hosts &/or guests
  • Authors of print books &/or online articles 
  • Academia (professors and teachers)
  • Businesses owners

Action step: write down a list of 20 episode ideas.

If you’re in direct sales and are thinking about starting a podcast, connect with me! You can also listen to my podcast episode about How to Start a Podcast.

I offer coaching services and guidance and have firsthand experience selling ZYIA Active while hosting Run Lift Mom, which has been featured on New & Noteworthy and charted at number 17 in Kids & Family!