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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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What is a Reverse Taper in Running?


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode is a quick tip episode about Minimum Effective Dose training within a flexible template. Enjoy!

Time based show notes:

1:00 I’m not a Doctor disclaimer 2:30 old school train of thought for rest after a race 3:30 unless you’re an Olympic level athlete, you can get away with less rest 4:00 defining “taper” 5:00 copycat the final 2-3 weeks post race, then jump back in on appropriate week 7:00 example using 13.1 Flex Training plan 8:30 how many times can you do this in a row?

What is a Taper?

Tapering means reducing the volume of your weekly training mileage during the final two to three weeks leading up to a race.

The idea is this: you are cutting mileage in order to ensure your body is well rested and ready for peak performance on race day.

For example, in a 12 week schedule, weeks 11 and 12 would be less overall volume than previous weeks, where you’ve been steadily building.

When would you use a reverse taper?

There are several reasons runners do reverse tapers, with the most common being they want to run another race but don’t have enough time for the full training program.

So, if week 12 is your race week, you’d follow week 11 the week after your race. Then, you’d do week 10 the following week.

You don’t want not train because you will lose the fitness you’ve built up!

What is a Reverse Taper?

At the same time, your foundation is farther than it was when you began initially training, so you will be able to:

  • Race
  • Pull back (implement identical taper )
  • Pick up in the week number needed to complete the back end of the schedule for a second time

This is assuming you are not battling any kind of injury!

Other Takeaways:

  • Do your key effort on a day that makes sense for your lifestyle. Watch this example to learn why I use post its
  • Use a pen/paper system for your training log. I know there are apps out there. Your phone is too crowded. Your health deserves your full attention!
  • Consider Erin Condren planners if you like the post it method- the squares are perfectly designed for post its and ink doesn’t bleed through the paper. I’m using a Erin Condren life planner in the below video, vertical layout.
  • Pair flexible training with an existing race training schedule. This works with Co0uch to 5K, Hal Higdon, etc

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