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What is a Postpartum Recovery Plan and Why do you Need One?


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode answers the question, “what is a postpartum recovery plan?” in an interview with Aida Algarin Birth Services founder, Aida Algarin.

It’s easy to pour so much of your time, effort, and money into creating the perfect nursery and birth plan. 

But what about AFTER pregnancy? 

There are a host of changes specific to the postpartum journey of motherhood that can make a new mother vulnerable to the many challenges that she might face, including physical and mental health concerns. 

The reality is that a majority of mothers feel unprepared for the different challenges that their postpartum journeys bring.

With lack of awareness, education, and resources to support new mothers as they enter into the postpartum phase of their journeys, it’s not uncommon for moms to struggle: physically, emotionally, mentally, and in their relationships. 

Show notes

2:00 how Aida went from a corporate setting to owning a doula agency 5:00 what is a Doula and how do they help during labor and delivery 7:00 importance of having support during the postpartum recovery period 8:30 vulnerability and the need for support before baby arrives, as birth support, and afterward 10:00 need for community in motherhood

13:00 Birth plan vs birth preferences 14:00 Doulas as an integral part of your postpartum recovery plan, what to consider in a recovery plan 16:00 considerations for a COVID world and the role of Telehealth 19:00 need for community in motherhood 24:00 more on Mother support and how to access resources in a pandemic 27:00 rapid fire

Who is Aida?

Aida Algarin is owner of Aida Algarin Birth Services, a full service doula agency whose office is located in the heart of historic downtown Fayetteville.

Aida is a birth and postpartum doula, sibling care doula, childbirth educator, infant feeding specialist, and placenta encapsulator. Aida and her team of doulas are members of the Fort Bragg military community, as are the majority of families they support. She has four children ranging from 25 to 3 years old and is also fluent in Spanish.

Contact Aida for additional information about her services, including Telehealth. You can also connect with her on Instagram or Facebook.

Resources mentioned in this episode

The episode about Postpartum Depression with Mom Neena Malosky and Beth Warren, LCSW, PMH-C discusses how to recognize PPD and/or support other women suffering. Resources available nationwide are discussed.

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