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What Can Runners Learn from GORUCK’s The Standard Film ?


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode answers the question, “What can runners learn from GORUCK’s The Standard Film?”

Once again, I had the pleasure of an interview with Emily McCarthy, Cofounder of GORUCK. Enjoy!

In this Episode:

2:00 audio from the film 3:00 What GORUCK events are like, culture around lifestyle 5:00 difference between a typical GORUCK event and a Selection event 6:30 bridging the gap between military and civilian 7:45 mental toughness and GRIT 9:00 on regret when someone quits during an event 11:00 bridging the gap for runners 13:00 about The Standard film- why it’s powerful, where you can find it 16:00 audio from the film

Emily’s family, including Monster (driving)

What is the movie about?

The Standard film is a documentary about GORUCK SELECTION, which is not only the toughest endurance event on the planet, it’s also an attempt to bridge the military-civilian divide.

Hosted by a group of Special Forces combat veterans, it is a 48-hour challenge that roughly translates to a condensed interpretation of the US Army’s 24-day Assessment and Selection.

And I mean roughly in every sense of the word. Cause it is rough…and intended to be so.

Why would anyone willingly do this?

My guest, Emily McCarthy, is the Cofounder of GORUCK and you’ll hear her say 7 times in the interview that she, herself, has no desire to do this event!

That said, she’s quite close to the source and has an interesting perspective on the Selection events her company does. The lead Cadre in The Standard film is her Cofounder and Husband Jason, after all!

For participants, this event is a chance to test limits while paying tribute to those who serve in the military.

It also serves as an inspiring film for ultrarunners like me who like to test limits!

Here’s a trailer for the movie discussed

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