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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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The Ultimate Guide to Skincare for Runners


This episode presents the ultimate guide to skincare for runners with Ryan Christopher of Beauty by Ryan and Astral Brands. Enjoy!

Show Notes

2:00 welcome 3:00 at minimum, have A cleanser and moisturizer that compliments your skin type 5:00 being active keeps your circulation up, reducing signs of aging 6:00 importance of SPF 7:00 run in your sports bra soapbox 8:00 cumulative signs of aging from sun on places other than face 

9:30 changing your routine for the seasons based on natural oil production 12:00 caution against leaving sweat on skin for an extended time 13:00 Aloette Be Balanced toner 14:00 why Ryan started a blog for consumer skincare and beauty education 

Who is Ryan?

Ryan Christopher is a beauty expert with professional training and licenses in massage therapy, clinical aesthetics and makeup application.

Ryan established his loyal clientele for skincare and beauty services in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004.

He has been established as a leader in the industry for over 15 years and has developed skincare, beauty products and spa education curriculums around the world.

Currently serving as the Product Development and Education Director for Astral Brands including Aloette and COSMEDIX, Ryan’s general philosophy in creating the best skincare habits is that consistency is key and less is more.

Sounds a lot like a great approach to running, huh?!

Ryan’s blog, Beauty by Ryan, will help you understand your choices whether you’re a hopeful regular or clueless wanderer when it comes to skincare- go check it out!

My product recommendations

These are some of my personal skincare favorites for mother runners. Click on the image to learn more about the product!

Nutri‑C Hydrating Mist 

You don’t need to put this in the refrigerator, but when you do it becomes a cool treat after your key run! 

Made with the highest quality aloe and rose water, it’s a hydrating mist that also screams reward (non‑food, ya heard?!) after a long effort.

Enzyme Peel 

If I could only offer a single Aloette product, this is it. 

Use on dry skin (this is important!), rub in a circular motion. After a single minute, dead skin visibly clumps and wipes off.

You can use it on your face, too…but I know you’re more concerned with your feet!

Hand Polish 

This is another you can use on your feet. Think of it as the “Varsity” edition‑ it’s for really tough, calloused or cracked feet. 

Outside of pedicures that take a sharp blade to the bottom of your feet, there’s no way you’re getting them any smoother. 

When you’re done with either the peel or scrub, apply Hand Couture cream liberally, then put socks on to sleep. 

Stick Shift 

Real talk: you get pimples on your back and chest. Most runners do. 

That’s sweat clogging your pores and this stick, designed to be used 2‑3 times weekly instead of cleanser, will clear them.

Keep it in the shower- the tube is designed for it!

Visible Aid

Pictured at left below, this balm has healing properties you’ll need for sunburn, bug bites, or scrapes from spills on the trail

Go ahead, run in just your sports bra. 

Should something happen, this is in your gym AND diaper bag (prevents diaper rash!). 

Be Balanced

Here’s the one Ryan spoke about in this episode.

To prevent breakouts on your chest and back, keep this bottle + cotton pads indoor gym bag if you don’t have time to take a shower post workout!

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