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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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The Complete Run Lift Mom Runner’s Gift Guide


Here is the complete Run Lift Mom Runner’s Gift Guide for 2020! I’ve included physical items, membership, and experience on this list and hopefully you can cross “runner gift” off your list after reading these ideas:

Please note that some of these links (not all) are affiliate and I will receive compensation if you use them to purchase a gift or to treat yo self!

Freetrain V1 vest

If your leggings don’t have pockets, this vest will hold your phone. 

It’s got reflective detail, made from a thick, moisture wicking blend that is chafe free and features a weather proof phone case in the front. No worries about sizes because it’s adjustable and unisex. Believe this- wearing on my next ultramarathon so I have one less worry when I’m changing clothes from drop bag! 

Antimicrobial insoles 

This small business, Tread & Butter, makes insoles that won’t stink or give your feet the funk!

There are 2 options to choose from depending on your support needs and drop preference. The Cascadia is for high arch, high volume and the Suntoucher is low profile (recommended if you prefer a minimal feel).

Use RUNLIFTMOMPOD10 for 10% off right here or by clicking on the image above.

Goodr Blue Blocking glasses 

Are screens causing your fatigue, headache, & general blah?

Real talk: this is more about good health outside your runs. 

These make an amazing low cost ($25-35) gift because your running partner loves Goodr but doesn’t know this product exists! 

No slip running sunglasses 

These $35 Goodr glasses don’t look like sport shades but perform as such. 

No fog, no slip‑ they do exactly what they say they’ll do and come in a storage pouch that doubles as a lens wipe.

One size fits most, multiple colors available (the one above is called Fast as Shell!)

2020 Souvenir 

Sure beats masks & hand sanitizer! Seriously, Sarah Marie Designs has all the best stuff for runners- mugs, shirts, hats- with cheeky sayings like this. Click on the above image to shop this small business all runners adore!

Life Planner 

You’ve seen me use the vertical layout for flexible training with post it’s for years.

I use the top block for exercise, middle for homeschool, bottom for the podcast & ZYIA.

Super Flexy

This is a non negotiable for runners‑ protect joints from all that pavement pounding with Type II Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Turmeric

This is a Veteran owned company who does everything in the USA and tests rigorously with 3rd parties. I’ve seen the Founder, Katie, toss entire batches of product and delay releases when product isn’t to standard! 

You can include this in the 3 for $99 special and split the other 2 items up as gifts or keep something for yourself!

Pssst- hear my latest podcast episode with the Founder right here!

Audible membership subscription 

Marathoners love listening to books on long runs and this is a great no waste or long distance option 

A subscription (available at 3 levels) also gives them access to premium podcasts, meditation feeds, & members only content.

Trey and I have shared an account for a decade‑ same queue, different books downloaded on our individual apps.

Magic Spoon cereal

Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2019 tastes like your favorite cereals from childhood (hello Fruity Pebbles & Cocoa Puffs!) without the guilt.

Keto friendly, high in protein, but doesn’t taste like a cardboard box. My favorite flavor is peanut butter!

Try not to pee your running tights when you see the price (but don’t wait for a sale because there won’t be one).

That’s why it makes a great gift‑ it’s truly an indulgence from all angles! 

These leggings have 5 small pockets at the lower back waistband
This midnight crop top is a very deep navy & hits just right on your abdomen

Ellie Subscription Box

You can use the code “hotcoco” at Ellie this month in December 2020 for 25% off your first box! I’ve got on the 2 piece Midnight Sky set above (review below).

While I don’t think this is the right choice for someone doing Street Parking or training for a marathon, it’s perfect for pure athletisure. We’re all wearing activewear as daily wear right now, so here’s a way to do it without breaking the bank!

Vapor Soothers

These are small, discreet nasal clips that apply gentle pressure on the septum to open your nasal passages. They are infused with gentle scents like mint or lavender and help runners breathe more comfortably.

These are great for a comfortable night of sleep as well.

I have them on in the photos above with the Ellie set on. You can’t tell, right? That’s exactly the point.

Activewear Care 

I’ve gone deep on caring for activewear on this blog before and it includes these two products.

Sweat Lifter is a detergent specifically formulated for activewear. Whether you are shopping for a runner or someone who has worked from home and their work out here all year, it’s a great choice.

Funk Buster is marketed as a pretreatment spray but we have salvaged many a well loves, stinky piece of workout gear with it inner household.

I love these as a complement to a larger gift that includes a membership, experience, or gift certificate!

Flexible Training System

Here’s something I launched right before the pandemic hit, so I haven’t talked about it a lot.

No reason- there haven’t been any races!

That said, a lot of people have been seeking help for virtual races so I am opening it back up. My bandwidth is limited on the accountability option ($50), so if you don’t see it as an option here I’m at max. 

You can still get a plan, though ‑ 5K through 26.2. $30 plans make great gifts and include schedule, monthly + weekly printables, & weekly key run texts for accountability