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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Making the Best of Your Bathroom


This episode is about making the best of your bathroom with Julie Lease and Jess Bailey of Room Reset.

Julie, Jess & I are excited to offer you a system for achieving a quick win in a small space you spend lots of time in: your bathroom! This is a great place to begin your Spring cleaning efforts because you begin and end your day there- a win in the bathroom means momentum for the rest of your home.

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Show notes:

2:00 Why is the bathroom a good place to start home organization efforts? 3:30 What are the biggest problems you see with Moms? 4:30 What behaviors do we have that lead to cluttered spaces? 7:00 Why Moms need a system! 10:30 Room Reset system (asses, purge, consolidate and sort, store) 13:00 Minimizing guilt when we throw things away 15:00 Favorite Storage options at each budget 17:30 Where can we find Room Reset on social?


1. What do I have?

2. Wear do I need?

3. What do I use daily?


1. Throw out expired and/or spoiled items

2. Relocate things that don’t belong

Consolidate and sort

These two tasks are game changers!

1. Combine same products

2. Categorize like items

After you marry your products, don’t forget to recycle the empty bottles, jars, and packaging that allow for it!

Store your belongings

1. Identifying ideal locations for products

2. Identifying existing storage options

3. Determining budget for and acquiring new storage

4. Arranging your space

We can’t wait to see your completed projects!

Don’t forget to tag us in progress pictures @runliftmompod and @roomreset and use the hashtag #springreset

Pssst- if that win felt great, move to your garage, closet, or kitchen using the same system!

Room Reset is here to help with your projects- contact them & listen to the show for the promo associated with this episode!

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