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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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Life Balance with ZYIA Active CEO Erin Bradley


In Season 2, episode 20 of the Run Lift Mom Podcast we talk about life balance with ZYIA Active CEO Erin Bradley.

I am no longer associated with ZYIA Active in a formal way, but this is an episode of the podcast I am proud of.

It was a good “break up” and you can read about it right here.

Show Notes

Last episode with Erin– over 60 shows ago (2:30), no phone rule in different life seasons- do you have 20 minutes? (5:00),  it’s not about the time frame, it’s about face to face interactions and quality time (6:30), Erin’s mile streak (11:00) and other fitness endeavors (12:30), going deep with intuitive movement (14:00), importance of consistency in small doses (16:00)

What Erin’s typical day looks like as a working Mom (17:30), learning to give yourself grace and let go of perfection (20:00), Erin’s favorite memories from the last 3 years (22:00), rapid fire in this or that activewear style (25:00)

Notes from Erin:

The decision to start an activewear brand was both a gradual decision and lightbulb moment. My husband, Jeremiah, and I had been talking about starting a business together for awhile – we just didn’t know what industry we wanted to enter. But, one day the lightbulb came on – activewear!

It began on a snowy, moonlit hike when I was surrounded by women actively helping to lift one another — physically and mentally — to reach the top of the mountain. That experience of women empowering women stayed with me.

This felt so natural to me because not only do I have a passion for fashion, but, as a mom of four, I was already spending most days in leggings and performance tops to accommodate my busy lifestyle. And, everywhere I went, people would ask where I got my clothes. So, it felt very organic to create my own line.

Like with any new business, our first customers were the people closest to me: my mom, my sister-in-law, and my best friend. Networking and word-of-mouth is still the No. 1 reason people hear about ZYIA Active.

In the early stages, Jeremiah and I started putting together a business plan to find investors. Before we could finish writing the plan, anyone who knew about us was offering to invest – we eventually had to start turning people down. Since then, we’ve managed our money carefully and have been fortunate to have a positive cashflow ever since.

ZYIA Active is a family-owned business – our first four employees were all family (working out of my living room!). Beyond that, the first employees at ZYIA’s HQ were all recruited through networking and word of mouth.

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