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Instagram Party Template for Aloette


Why am I publishing this Instagram Party Template for Aloette?

I posted a YouTube video over a year ago about this when I was with a different brand (oddly enough, when I was just testing the concept) and it has become standard training for them. I’m changing this article to Aloette because that’s the brand I’m with now.

Expect it to be updated with resources to reflect this brand, which operates more like an affiliate (doesn’t charge monthly website fees or have any minimums) but has some people doing parties.

You should know I’m longer formally associated with this brand, but leaving this post up because it’s helped many of you researching ZYIA Active. Here’s what I’m up to now!

In the video, I invited folks to email me but in an effort to save everyone’s time, I am writing this blog instead of having some super secret private document. Cool?

Why Party on Instagram?

Real talk: I’m a huge fan of influencer style sales but the fact is you have to get out of your warm market and budget for sales. If you only do influencer style, which is essentially lifestyle posting almost as if Aloette were an affiliate, you need a lot of customers on the membership program and/or beauty club.

That’s a very risky spot if you, like me, rely on social sellingto pay your mortgage.

So, what if your network is over Facebook? As in, they don’t hang out there? Meet your audience where they are and throw an Instagram Party!

I’ve written about the 2 different ways you can do Instagram parties, in a dedicated account or close friends. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve already read that.

Now, let’s talk about structuring your Instagram party in a 3 day, open concept.

Pre party:

72 hours before: Send hostess marketing materials and expectations

Be sure to add your shopping link in bio and “coach” participants how they can shop with you by screen recording and put in stories or as an IGTV post (dedicated account).

Consider putting tall of the featured products in your Instagram account on IGTV in addition to in a link extender if you don’t have 10,000 for swipe up.

Put a placeholder in party about brand history and exchange policy. 

Ask your hostess to add guests. It’s impossible to mass add on Instagram, which is great- she must make it personal, which is what you want!

Utilize stories to collect information about the audience, their relationship with the hostess, what they want to see. 

Note: be in constant contact with your hostess, ask her to be virtually present, tag you in pictures of her and participate at a high level

Night before:

 Welcome video (go live with hostess if possible)/ introduction/ what to expect

Welcome all participants by tagging (in stories if held in Close Friends, post if dedicated account)

Incentives for giveaway engagement- sharing how you know hostess, follow on your main page, scavenger hunt question on main Aloette &/or your page (ie “come back with X info”). 

Post Quality comparisons

Feature 3-4 items, emphasizing anti-inflammatory and healing properties of aloe

Stories: use the questions get sticker to ask how people know the hostess and share responses with funny GIFs or comments to enforce connection 

Day 1: 

Early morning: engagement post

Morning: Feature 2-3 items

Lunch time: engagement post

Feature 2-3 items

Post purchase thank yous

Go live with a review or demo

Announce giveaway winner (if applicable)

Day 2: 

Early morning- funny meme or giveaway (optional)

2-3 product highlights

Engagement post/game 

2-3 product highlights

2-3 product highlights

Go live with a review or demo

Giveaway winners

Party ends tomorrow post

Final day:

Last day to order, reinforce exchange policy

2-3 product highlights

Funnel back to your main IG account or VIP group (note: it will be hard to get an Instagram user over to Facebook!) using tagging and a giveaway

Publicly thank & uplift hostess 

Final giveaway

Funny memes/engagement

Continue to thank people who purchase

Party hosting information, incentive for booking

Message all participants one on one to see if they need help placing an order

Thank everyone; leave party link open for stragglers- communicate as needed

Best practices: 

Themes: capsule wardrobes, birthday party, fitness challenge, healthy habits, seasonal, event related

Involve hostess! If she is willing to record videos for you (reviews, fitness journey, whatever!), let her.

Reuse content as much as possible (ie, copy from previous feed posts, IGTV reviews for swipe up) to make duplicatable.  

Stories: reviews, thank women who bought & post collage photos if they bought multiple items that coordinate, funnel back to your main account, thank hostess for doing event

Want to know what I’m doing now instead of Zyia? 

Aloette is an established brand that provides 25% Commission at the start for affiliate style selling. 

If you have a blog, podcast, or affiliate strategy it is ideal because there are no minimums or rep fees.

As the busy mama of 4, it’s simply made more sense for me because there isn’t a sense of urgency every Wednesday, chronic sell outs, or recruiting heavy structures (you can advance without building a team, on retail single level sales alone!).

I would love to tell you more. Reach out to me here!