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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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How Community Keeps You Accountable with InfiniLean Creator Jen Landry


This is a Run Lift Mom podcast interview about how your community can help you lose weight with InfiniLean Creator Jen Landry.

Who is Jen?

Jen works as a trainer at her hometown 9round kickboxing gym. It was there the need for a product like the InfiniLean belt became obvious.

You see, your hands are restricted when wearing gloves (as is a necessity in a gym like this) and she saw the problem when a member’s leggings or shorts would fall down but they couldn’t do anything about it!

Jen had already lost 56 pounds in college (after gaining the “Freshman 40”!) so all of her bottoms fit differently, and she noticed constantly pulling up on leggings also.

After several trials and errors with design, she developed the idea of the InfiniLean belt! She likes to say, “don’t buy new leggings- buy an InfiniLean belt!

Show Notes

  • 2:00 why Jen created the InfiniLean belt
  • 3:00 how Jen went from Freshman 40 pound gain to 9round Trainer
  • 4:30 importance of confidence in a fitness environment
  • 5:30 in person fitness energy and accountability
  • 6:30 how professional and education community aided product to market
  • 7:30 community in entrepreneur journey, parallel to fitness
  • 8:00 how a photo flipped the switch for Jen’s weight loss motivation
  • 10:00 ideas for getting started: no equipment, get outside, find accountability
  • 12:00 “just get started!”
  • 14:00 give yourself grace on your fitness journey
  • 16:00 where to find Jen

Concepts discussed in this episode

1. Solve your own problem. Jen created the InfiniLean belt to solve her own problem (leggings falling down) and had proof of concept with her 9round members.

She didn’t go at it alone, though- she relied on her Professors at Methodist University as wise counsel. By the time InfiniLean got to market, it was a community project!

2. Accountability helps. Jen’s entrepreneur journey mirrors the weight loss journey many of us experience: decision to go for it, gathering resources, and tapping into community.

Whether you find a pal in a structured group gathering, at the gym or right next door, an “accountability buddy” is someone who shares and supports your weight loss goals. It could be a friend, trainer, or family member.

3. Emotional support matters. Groups gather in person, online, or in a hybrid of both to share weight loss victories and challenges.

They can be an enormous source of encouragement and make you part of a community, which can be a big deal.

Case in point: a study conducted at Cornell University reports that those on restricted diets are more likely to feel lonely when they can’t share in what others are eating.

There’s no reason to feel alone when weight loss programs, community centers, online communities, fitness groups, and gym support systems exist!

Connect with Jen

You can visit Jen’s website and check out her virtual resources if you are located in the US.

Connect with her on Instagram for lots of helpful tips, education and check out the website to learn more about Infinilean belts and use code KEEPITUP for $5 off!

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