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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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How to Take Pictures of your Kids with your Phone


This is a Run Lift Mom podcast interview about how to take pictures of your kids with your phone with Emily Supiot of Cozy Clicks

Show Notes:

How Emily got into photography education (3:00) what her kids think of her entrepreneurial efforts (4:15) how to get professi0onal looking pictures with a camera phone (8:30) working with natural light (9:00) and techniques for avoiding shadows (11:00) cleaning your gear (13:00) online printing for display (14:15) unchecking auto correct for lab prints (15:15) Stay Focused podcast for learning more camera techniques (16:30)

Who is Emily?

Emily Supiot is the Mom of 4 kids, portrait photographer, Photography & Photoshop educator. She is the founder of Cozy Clicks, a website for new and intermediate portrait photographers and host of The Stay Focused Podcast.

In short? She helps moms take and edit better pictures of their kids!

Even if you aren’t a budding professional photographer, she can help you make sense of your phone as a main camera. After all, you’re most likely to use what you already have with you.

Explore more

You can connect with Emily on Instagram and take The Cozy Clicks Photography Bootcamp

This is a free, 45 minute online workshop to help you better understand your DSLR camera, get great focus in your pictures, and understand ways to get creative compositions so your pictures don’t just look snap- shoty.

Listen to The Stay Focused Podcast

Emily’s podcast teaches people how to take and edit better photos and focus on the goals they have with their photography. Give it a listen!

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