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How to sell Aloette without Parties: Influencer Style Sales


Inspired by over 2 years and 6 digits of retail sales at ZYIA Active, here’s how to sell Aloette without parties: Influencer Style Sales

This is part of a larger series that discusses what you’ll do for the first 150 days (5 months) to set yourself up for long term success.

For now, let’s just go 30 days at a time:

Days 1-30

Define who you’re serving

You’ll want to define your ideal client, the person buying your product or service, early.

This is a step that is often overlooked but will serve as a framework for all your marketing content.

Then, announce your partnership with Aloette & communicate your why, or reason for committing to the business.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

Communicating your personal why helps build that connection. It doesn’t need to be something intense and jaw-dropping, neither.

You could simply be that you like the products. Don’t overthink it!

Choose your social media

You’ve heard it before- it’s better to be amazing in one place than mediocre in many.

Choose one choose main social media channel and commit to 2-5 activities (feed posts, stories, live, video) daily.


This allows you to solidify your why (remember, adult learners need to hear something 7 times on average) and further aligns you with your brand in the minds of your network.

If you got the enzyme peel, remember to use it on dry skin!

A live demo of this is amazing & you could pair it with an offer to mail out samples during your unboxing by signing up for email.

Which leads me to…

Build email list

Why do this? You don’t own social media.

If your Instagram account disappeared tomorrow, don’t let your business go with it. Your goal in the first 30 days is 50 addresses. Pro tip: ask people to join the list during your unboxing.

Send email newsletter

You don’t need to spam your customer base every week, but it’s a great idea to set a pattern early.

Offer them a sample if you have the time and financial bandwidth, as mentioned above. Then, keep them updated with things they’ll find valuable.

I currently recommend 2-3 times a month, depending on your bandwidth. Remember the 3 Ps, which means going heavy on purposeful value.

If you have a lead magnet (guide to something valuable that you will give in exchange for an email address) already, you can use it now.

If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. We have them made for you at the company level in our private social sharing group. They are seasonal and there are over 15 to choose from- talk about a time saver!

Plus, at this point, the address is on your list are probably your warm market- people you know personally.


This can be an in person or virtual event with another brand that is strategic to give you some reach beyond your warm market. Do you something that excites you!

If you’re a blogger or podcaster, this could be a series on skincare, make up, or aloe vera education with an incentive for your customer base.

We get advance notice on sales, gifts with purchase, and promotions; aligning the timing of your launch with one of these is a best case scenario!

An information table at a local community event or high traffic retail establishment is ideal. Your goal is to share the brand with others and collect email addresses through giveaways or contests. Be creative! Let your personality shine! 

Set up next month

Schedule 2 promos with other brands, virtual skincare consults, or events for following month.

If you must do a Facebook party, go for it -just make sure it’s something that aligns with your future goals for your business.

Participating as a speaker in a training series or holding your own webinar that provides value first content (side note: you have a talent! Share it!) is a lot different than a Facebook party. Here’s why:

If you commit to a Facebook party, odds are you’re going to book another Facebook party (cause you’re that good!).

Suddenly, you are the Facebook party girl and you don’t have time to invest in the things required of you for an influencer style Aloette without parties business.

Let’s Chat!

Are you just cruising the internet for ideas? Be an Aloette rep- you can sign up here!

What are you waiting for?! There are no website fees or minimums for paycheck at Aloette and you can do it alongside other brands (check your own P&P, of course). 

Want to chat about it first? Cool-  send me a message! 

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