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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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How to Involve Your Kids in Running


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode is two part: we talk about how to involve your kids in running.

We also speak with Mary Tramazzo, Army Wife and Olympic Marathon Hopeful on how she connected with running early in life and involves her kids today!

How to Involve Kids in Running

Don’t Pressure, Always Offer

My son Christian has recently completed 100 miles over the course of 5 months. Here’s the thing: he asked to do it after I ran my 100 miler last summer.

We celebrated his consistency throughout and made a big deal about him having the discipline to stay focused on a long term goal at age 7.

On the days he didn’t want to run, he didn’t run.

Just because my hobby is running doesn’t mean his has to be. As mother runners, we have to be really careful our kids don’t feel pressured into our hobbies.

Kids not running yet? Don’t strong arm them- just come home and tell them how amazing it was. Eventually, like my son, they’ll ask!

Kids in running

Look Out for Yourself

Out the oxygen mask on yourself first!

If you’re trying to get in a workout for your flexible training program, don’t budget your shared runs into that.

Get in your own miles in separately so you’re relaxed when you head out for an easy run with the kids. You can also treat the family run as a warm-up or cool down with your longer key or speed effort!

Kids running

Start Slow

How much is too much and too soon? The medical community generally agrees children can run safely at any age as long as they’re excited to do so and don’t experience pain while running.

As little as once or a twice a week is perfect in the beginning.

A little soreness afterward is normal, of course- but if it doesn’t resolve quickly you should skip a day!

Before puberty, the priority should be creating healthy lifelong fitness habits rather than forcing a specific training program on kids. According to the Road Runners Club of America, “Between the ages of three and nine, encourage regular exercise, which can include organized running for fun….

Around the age of eight to twelve, children may enjoy participation in a more organized running program such as a group like national nonprofit Girls on the Run, which has over 200 councils nationwide, in every state, offering twice-weekly runs to empower girls in grades 3 through 8.

Original episode

This is the original episode Mary was on. In addition to what you heard int the above, she discusses connecting with local running community as a military spouse who moves often and changes running communities just as frequently!

Show notes:

Destiny via Winter Flight (1:56) • Helping kids avoid burnout (4:30) • Running in motherhood (7:05) • Local running stores as a community resource (11:45) • Character building through sports (13:00) • Old school parenting (14:55) • Rapid Fire (16:00)