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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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How to feel more confident with the pleasure code


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode is an interview about how to feel more confident with the Pleasure Code with DD Haeg, Founder of the program.

Who is DD?

DD loves loves loves helping stressed out mamas live more joyful, juicy lives in the bedroom and beyond!

She’s an international retreat leader, fan of Orangetheory, and Founder of the Pleasure Code, an empowering program that helps women feel more confident and satisfied.

Show notes

2:00 warning: no kid listeners 3:00 what is a pleasure Coach? 4:00 defining pleasure 6:00 pleasure outside of the bedroom 6:30 valid of rituals and how they increase pleasure 8:30 love languages 9:00 pleasure inside the bedroom 10:00 why it’s important to feel more confident 12:00 high overview of pleasure code types 13:30 how to find DD

Major Takeaway

Rituals are very powerful and bring pleasure to our everyday lives.

Something as simple as making tea in the same way every morning or listening to the same song as your workout begins cane a powerful mental trigger that elicits joy and comfort.

Relationships are very different but it’s important to know your partner’s unique communication style. If you are wondering how to feel more confident, consider learning about the styles in depth or even stating a conversation about it!

Connect with DD

You can join DD on Facebook in her private community or on Instagram. She works with small groups as well as with women one on one.

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