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How to Create an Instagram Puzzle Feed


Wondering how to create an Instagram puzzle feed? I’ve got step by step instructions and a free set of templates for you!

What is an Instagram Puzzle Feed?

The concept is that your Instagram feed is a continually flowing image, that connects to the next, that connects to the next (as opposed to a straight up post by post concept).

But it’s actually incredibly easy to create, as it has allowed me to pre-schedule my work.

This is important for me because I recently went back to work so my podcast and partnership with Aloette are strictly in the passion project category now.

I don’t have spare time to play on Instagram anymore. It was fun, but Mamma needs to work.

All of the steps below are for Canva, and can be done on the free version.

How do I make one?

  1. Create a custom sized image that is 3240 width x 6480 height. This will give you a grid that is 3 wide x 6 tall, for a grid of 18 images.
  2. Under the File menu on Canva, turn on both Gridlines and Ruler.
  3. Hover your mouse over both the horizontal and vertical rulers, and you will be able to click and drag the Guide line to anywhere you want. Create vertical Guide lines at (or as close to as possible) 1080 and 2160 (creating three columns). Then create horizontal Guide lines at 1080, 2160, 3240, 4320, and 5400 (creating 6 rows). Your grid should look approximately like this:

4. Now, get your creative on! Use photos, elements, and text to create your puzzle design.

As you build out your design, add a NEW page, and copy the elements at the top of your image, as they will become the BOTTOM of the next image on your continuous Instagram puzzle.

You don’t need to worry about the next puzzle yet, but when you “carry forward” elements from the design you’ll have the building blocks for it when you’re ready! 

Is there an easy button?

Yes! I have multiple templates available for our Aloette team, just for being a part of the crew. We regularly provide marketing materials like this to save you time and make your job easier.

If you aren’t on the A Team, you can request the fully customizable Canva templates right here:

There isn’t a catch. If you want to use my Canva link to upgrade to Canva Pro, that is appreciated. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see what you create! Tag @runwithsuzy in your puzzle grids!

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