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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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How to be Safe while Running Solo


This episode of Run Lift Mom podcast explores how to be safe while running solo.

It is “quick tip style” as a response to recent incidents in the news and long overdue- I’m sorry it took me over 150 episodes to do this.

1: Tell someone where you’re going

There’s a joke to be had here about running your mouth along with your legs, right?

Always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.

2: Choose a familiar route

Stay on well-traveled and well-lit roads. Don’t take shortcuts through woods, poorly lit areas, etc. You’ll want to vary your route occasionally for safety purposes, but no adventure runs into the unknown, okay?!

If possible, run with a dog, a group or at least one other person.

What’s wrong with this photo? There are 2 mistakes!

3: Ditch your headphones

No seriously, ditch those headphones. They make you less aware of your surroundings and increase your risk for attack.

If you must listen to Run Lift Mom or Serve then Sell (shameless plug!), do it with one pod in and at a lower volume so you can stay safe.

4: Hair in a bun

A ponytail invites would-be attackers to come you from behind, pull the ponytail back, and down to the ground.

I want you to visualize this.

Here’s what you’ll do instead: a bun or something on top of your head. See how I do it in the video below:

5:Bring your phone

When you bring your phone, you provide yourself a lifeline should you get hurt or feel unsafe.

Here’s how to use the SOS feature if you have an Apple Watch.

Don’t forget to use features like “find my friends” on iPhone so your pals (from tip number 1!) have the intel should you not make it back at the anticipated time.

6: Trust your gut

If someone looks shady to you, cross the street or go the other way.

7: Vary running routes

Don’t be predictable. Be careful about creating an online history of where and when you’re running.

If you have an account on Garmin Connect, Strava, or Nike Run Club make sure it is set to private.

8: Know where you’re going

Looking confused and lost can make you a target.

If you’re traveling on vacation, for work, or generally in an unfamiliar area, be sure to research the safety of your path beforehand and know your turns.

9: Don’t be distracted

Perpetrators specifically look for people who aren’t 100 percent aware of their surroundings.

Trust your gut. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!

You have to be careful out there!

10: Run confident

Run confidently, meaning tall and focused, to display confidence as you’re strategizing how to be safe while running. Visualize yourself as powerful. You are!

You’ll give off that aura as you’re running, which will make you less susceptible to an attack.

Bonus: this will help your running form, preventing you from slumping, breaking at the waist, or heel striking.

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