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Grief Recovery Strategies with Kari Driskell


This episode is an interview about grief recovery strategies with Kari Driskell, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist and Certified Life & Happiness Coach.

Show Notes:

4:00 how Kari became a young widow at age 38 when her Husband Eric died suddenly and unexpectedly of a massive ruptured brain aneurysm with instant and irreversible brain damage.

He was on life support for 3-days without hope of recovering and by the end of the week he died. Her daughters were 8 and 11.

6:00 walking through her own grief and unexpectedly finding a new career as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist and Certified Life & Happiness Coach

8:00 grief is different from traditional mindset work 10:00 picnic example 12:00 feelings to thoughts to action 

13:00 changes in life produce grief at many levels, from the death of a pet to a move to a change in career to infertility to an experience like Kari’s

14:00 therapeutic activity number 1: “story of truth” 

Needed: pen, paper, 30-60 minutes

19:00 therapeutic activity number 2: “10 page reset”

Needed: pen, pencil, 10 sheets of paper, 60 minutes

22:00 definition of grief: complicated feelings about a change.

Use grief recovery strategies for large and small. If it’s a change, you can experience grief so don’t discount your own feelings.

25:00 here’s where Kari kills my rapid fire concept but spoiler alert: I love it

Connect with Kari

You can find Kari on Facebook and Instagram.

Her website has a free 3 part video series on the Forbidden Discussion of grief that is crucial for anyone walking in grief right now.

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