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Gratitude in the New Normal: COVID-19 Blessings


One week ago, I asked my network on Instagram to answer the following question: what is something you LOVE about your new normal?

This episode is the result- a collage of answers, highlighting the simplicity and silver linings you are all taking notice of.

I always name my episodes after recording, as a theme typically emerges. It probably spoils the content, but maybe that’s a good thing! This is “Gratitude in the New Normal: Covid-19 Blessings”.

How to Listen

  1. All at once. This episode is made of segments anywhere from :20-:60. You’ll hear all of them inside a half hour and, while it won’t cure COVID-19, it will be a gratitude exercise for you.
  2. Bit by bit. You can listen to a few segments at a time, whenever you need a lift during your day.

Want to contribute?

You can click this link and press the message button to record your own gratitude statement. I’ll include it in a future episode!

Featured in this episode:

Thank you to the many contributors who made this episode possible. Go connect with them on Instagram and tell them they rock!

Erin Bradley, ZYIA Active CEO and Founder

Lindsey Mathews, Virtual Bootcamp Trainer and Keto Coach

Ellie Krueger, ZYIA Elite team leader & military spouse

Mandy Carter, Charlotte Marathon Ambassador

Blair Sells, Double ZYIA Executive & team leader

Anna Keller, Curiouser & Curiouser Blog and Podcast

Lucy Judge, BeautyCounter Rep & Mom Extraordinaire

Brooke Norlin, Wear It Boldy Personal Branding Coach

Diana Frye, Educator and better half of Scree Slide sports

Britt Johnson, running advocate and military spouse

Samantha Baker, Onyx Yoga studio owner, ZYIA

Leann Uselton, Fit n Sassy Farmers Wife

Kate Colvin, PhD, Sports Psychologist

Tanya Smith, Active Smith Family, ZYIA

Amanda Miller, Speech Pathologist, Mom Advocate, ZYIA

Becky Bone, NPC Bikini Competitor, ZYIA rep

Abby Covington, Educator who is reading to kids DAILY on IG

Katie Harlan, Double ZYIA Executive & team leader

Rosa Richert, Financial Professional, Running Ambassador, ZYIA

Josee Nadeau, Wellness Advocate & Sr Dr ZYIA Active

Lisa Schoenly, Military Spouse & Advocate, Mom goals, Arbonne

Stacey Brown, Wellness Coach, Nursing Student, ZYIA

Shauna Couick, Marketing Executive, Toddler Mom (& expecting # 2!)

Mary Hausle, Graduate Student, Outdoor Adventure Advocate

Kelly Blavatt, Lawyer turned SAHM Blogger at Inspire Active Style

Lehiwa Stewart, Travel Advocate, Founder- Portland Brunch Runners

Brittany Buckner, ZYIA Sr Dr, (coming soon) Always Endure podcast

Joanne Crowder, the best homeschooler at Fort Goodwin

I hope this has given you a mindset lift and helped you look at staying at home with gratitude.

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This passion project is supported in two different ways. Number one, through a partnership with Red H nutrition. If you’ll stick around to the end of the episode, you’ll hear me interview the owner of red h nutrition about one of my favorite products. You can also use code “RunLiftMom” for 10% at checkout off any red h nutrition product. 

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Welcome to the Run Lift Mom podcast where we’re talking about running, lifting and momming. Not necessarily in that order and today you all I threw it all out the window. A week ago I asked my friends on Instagram to call in and answer this question. “what’s something you love about your new normal?” the results? Well, it’s this episode. You guys, this is not going to change the world amid the current health crisis with covid-19, it’s just not. What it is intended to do is to make you look at things differently. Practice gratitude and understand the simplicity that we have all been praying for is here. It is present right now. I want to thank the many people who helped me make this episode possible.

This episode can be listened to in two different ways. One, you listened to it all in one swift motion. There are a number of people that called in and shared things they’re loving about their day. You can listen to it all in under a half hour or you can listen to it little by little. A few minutes here, a few minutes there. I hope that this is a light in your day and without further ado, my friends on the Run Lift Mom podcast.

Mandy: Hi, this is Mandy from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’m really loving how many neighbors I’m seeing out for walks. I’ve never seen this many people outside exercising before. And I’ve met more of my neighbors in the past 10 days than I have in the past 10 years. 

Blair: Hello, Run Lift Mom and Run Lift Mom community. I hope you’re all hanging in there. I’m Blair Sells. I am out of Parker, Colorado, suburb of Denver. But we have been keeping our social distance, inner mountain place. And so what I have been really loving about the last week that we’ve been here is that this quality time, and I don’t like to say quarantine, this is quality time. This is saved my sanity. I was running full speed in my business for the last two years, knowing that I was dealing with burnout, knowing that I was not going to be able to keep that pace for my team and for my family. And this last week has been exactly what I’ve needed and I’m just so grateful for all the beauty that I’m seeing around me in my community and online. So keep it up. You all are amazing.

Anna: Hi, this is Anna Keller from the Curiouser and Curiouser blog and podcast. And one thing I’ve loved about this time is how it’s forced me to slow down. As an enneagram three and achiever, I like to be kind of go, go, go. And I’ve already been kind of feeling called to slow down even before this whole crazy season. And so this is forcing me to do that in a way that has been kind of nice in certain ways and I get to spend so much more time with my family. I’ve got my almost three-year-old Maggie sitting here with me right now. Normally she would not be with me during the day. She’d be at preschool. But we’re kind of doing life together and overlapping a lot and finding a lot of joy in that. Maggie, do you want to say hi? You can say hi. Is it kind of fun being home together all the time? 

Maggie: Yes. 

Sarah: This is Sarah. And something I love about my new normal is I get to see how far my four-year-old is progressing into getting ready for kindergarten. It’s amazing to see him tracing and writing letters and numbers. And the other thing that I love about my new normal is way less laundry because most of the time they’re running around in their underwear, because I have two boys, they’d rather be in their underwear than get dressed. So less laundry is a win for me.

Lucy: Hi, I’m Lucy from Colorado and as a mom of three, I am appreciating having my husband home every day for breakfast and lunch. And I love having our clear schedule where we don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time. And I’m also loving serving my friends and family and community through my business with beauty counter. Offering them just little care packages, no strings attached to something to let them know that I’m thinking of them. And then also be more intentional about praying for all of the people working in the hospitals. I used to be a nurse and I can appreciate the intensity of when a serious illness is running through a hospital. So I’m grateful for so many things. I couldn’t choose just one, Suzy!

Chrystal:  I’m blessed to be able to be home with my girls more often and been able to start working out more regularly. I lost my job in October and haven’t been able to find one. But thankfully the lord blessed my husband with a raise, and I don’t technically have to go back to work. So god is taking care of us during this time and I am getting to distress by running again, which I have missed so, so much. Thanks for all the help.

Diana: Hey Suzy, it’s Diana Frye here from Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m a high school teacher, so I am adjusting to distance learning, keeping two toddlers entertained and social distancing. But one of the things that I am loving about the new normal is just my appreciation for the small things, the food, the medicine, a job that is continuing to pay me appreciation for my friends who hustle with small businesses, appreciation for those who do love to run. For instance, my husband has a side business with Scree Slide Sports and so appreciative of those who pay to race. Although we have had to end our braces recently. We actually think this is going to be great for us because people are going to want to get out and be healthy. So hope to see you all soon.

Britney: My name is Britney, I’m from Fort Eustis and I’ll say the biggest thing I’m liking about a new normal right now is I’m actually babysitting a little boy from church that is no longer going to day care because of everything kind of happening right now. And my favorite small business here locally is Elizabeth’s Donuts. They’re in Williamsburg and they do, all the donuts are homemade and right now they are giving all first responders, military, women in uniform or with their id free coffee with their order of donuts and they’re pretty much right now doing curbside delivery so you can call them, tell them, ask them what all donuts and things they have in stock right now and they will bring it out to you once you arrive.

Samantha: Hey Suzy, my name is Samantha. I am from Wisconsin. And I am most excited to figure out a new way to show up for my yoga students with our small studio needing to be closed temporarily. So I’m looking forward to diving into the Instagram platform a little bit more to show up there for the yoga students for Onyx yoga and then also to continue to show up for my ZYIA Active business and just hope to continue to spread some positivity, light and encouragement around health and wellness as we move through this new social distancing time in our lives. 

Leanne: My name is Leanne Ussleton and I am from Tennessee. On Instagram I’m also known as fit and sassy farmer’s wife. My normal has not changed. I’m still working as normal and that is comfortable to me because I don’t like my applecart upset so to speak. But the one thing that I’ve noticed that’s been so admirable is how everyone is still adapting to make fitness a priority and making room in their homes and setting up their own home gyms. That’s actually been inspirational to me because frankly my fitness has been in a rut and this has kind of given me a little motivation to do something at home myself. So I have actually downloaded an online fitness program and that is going to be my new norm for right now. So otherwise I am continuing business as normal.

Kate: Hi, my name is Kate. I’m originally from the pacific northwest, but I currently live in Belgium. I work in the field of psychology and I’ve always considered myself to be a lifelong learner. One thing that I love about my new normal is the challenge and the ability to be able to learn how to best support my clients via teleworking as opposed to supporting them in person. Thank goodness for technology. Am I right? 

Tanya: As an active family on the go constantly. I’ve actually really enjoyed being forced to have this downtime. It’s given me the ability to connect with my kids at a deeper level, connect with my husband, finish some projects that have been on my list for a while and really lean into my business. And so you know, always trying to find the silver lining. I really appreciate being forced and its actually kind of embarrassing when you think that we have to be forced to do this. So that’s it from me.

Ellie: Hey, my name’s Elie Krieger and my family and I live in Quantico, Virginia. I’m a wife and a mama to a three year old and we have one on the way and I’m a military spouse and I think something that I love right now about my new normal is how much more intentional I am in my thoughts about getting my kiddo outside, myself outside, my husband, whether that’s just for a walk or in our backyard.

I’m more intentional about that right now than I was before with all of this stuff going on. Something else I’m loving about our new normal as a military family, you can probably relate. I’ve prayed for days to have like this much time with my husband and he’s home right now, so I am just loving that. If you want to follow us on Instagram, you can find me at Elie R Krieger on Instagram and thanks for listening.

Brooke: Hi, my name is Brooke and I’m with Wear it Boldly. I love a lot of new things about my new normal in life, but one of my favorites is that it’s giving me the opportunity. It’s giving all of us the opportunity really to look at our priorities and make sure that our lives are in order in that way. What do you value most in your life and what do you put first and what’s really important? And I absolutely love that about my new normal. If you want to hang out with me and my community, come and join me at the wear it boldly neighborhood. It’s www.wibneighborhood.com

Stacey: Hey guys, this is Stacey from ZYIA Active and previous wellness coach. My greatest blessings from this unfortunate virus that we have going around is that unlike usual as being a nurse and having to deal with these things head on, I am able to be present for our family, things aligned and I am able to go back to school and finish my degree in nursing. And as it goes sometimes in the military, my husband is contracting overseas right now and I’m able to be at home. So it is a blessing to be at home and present for my children during this time. It’s really fun to see how they’re growing, being a threenager and a teenager in different ways, places they’re at in their lives. 

Mary: Hi, this is Mary from Austin, Texas and what I’m loving, my new normal is I get to zoom around the empty streets on my bicycle and enjoy all the wildflowers in bloom. 

Shauna: Hi run lift mom. This is Shauna from charlotte. You will hear a little things behind me because that’s right I’m working from home like many other people right now with my three-year-old and what I am enjoying and appreciating most is just having the time to stop and enjoy the little things. The other day we took a walk and I just happened to look up at the sky and see the clouds rolling by so fast and my daughter and I just spent some time talking about that and these are just, you know, little tiny things in the day that we would otherwise miss. Yes, you are. But anyway, love the podcast. Keep up the great work.

Rosa: Hello. What I love about our new normal is my husband gets to come home every night and we are spending family quality time with our children. They are trying new activities and seeing what they can do is just amazing and getting to engage with them in these activities. It’s just, you know, things that we didn’t get to do together and that is something I am enjoying. You know, also my husband coming home is also helping her marriage, you know getting to spend time one on one.

Becky: My name is Becky Bone. I am from Shelbyville, Tennessee and something I love about my new normal is going to bed late and getting up late because that’s what my kids do. I’m going to bed light because I’m enjoying my husband actually sitting on the couch with me and watching movies because he doesn’t have to be up so early either. We run our own business.

And I’m also loving that I’m getting to cook more from my family because I have two boys, 11 and 17, and they play sports all the time. And normally after games we would go out and eat with our friends’ families and or not doing that right now, I’m cooking and I love, love that my 17-year-old who has his driver’s license is at home. He’s not gone all the time. I’m getting dispense a really good quality time with him right now because I know he’s fixing to be going off to college and I love that. That’s my new normal.

Amanda: Hi, this is Amanda Miller and during this time I have learned to appreciate the value of the mundane things I’ve truly learned or itself curious for me. It’s not mani pedi’s or facials or massage. It’s doing the everyday tasks such as dishes every night so that the kitchen is clean, showering every day and taking quiet time where I truly stop to rest and regroup. These things help to keep my anxiety at bay and the daily tasks is what helped me enjoy each day to its fullest. 

Lisa: Hey, Suzy it is Lisa from Kansas. I was going to tell you how much, what I appreciate the most about our new normal is that my husband made it home from deployment within a few hours of travel bans happening. And so now instead of having to send him back in the next 10 days or so, we have him home possibly for good but at least for the next couple of months. So instead of juggling the stress of being a solo parent while he’s deployed and learning how to homeschool my two kids, I have my partner, to be here with me and we actually get to team up and do this together.

Josee: Hello bonjour. My name is Josee. I have a two-year-old and a three-year-old and I live just outside of Toronto in Canada. So something that I really like about this new normal is how it forces us to walk away from our rigid schedules. It forces us to spend more time as a family. So with a two-year-old and a three-year-old, the kids are still learning, but it’s totally on their terms. And we get to learn their science of things. Like if they have questions, we just stop what we’re doing, and we get to do experiments and it’s so fun to relive that again.

Here’s a kicker though, I’m a Canadian leader with an activewear company. It’s called ZYIA. So I run my business 100% online. I am known for making things work but running a business from home with two toddlers has really forced me to think outside the box and really like guard my time with goals and prioritize and set really strong boundaries. It can be really frustrating, but it allows me to slow down, to stop trying to do all the things and really focus on priorities. I know we’re going to get through this, and we will have a much stronger skill set because of it.

Abby: So leadership is something that I love and the quarantine has really helped me to be able to stay home and be with my family in the evenings and not feel like I’m letting anyone down by not saying yes to opportunities to interact with people and organizations that are close to my heart. So instead I get to find ways to interact with them digitally during the day, but my evening time has become completely sacred time that is unplugged and with my family. And I’ve found that a lot of that time has been spent outside getting fresh air. And I’ve even noticed that though from eight to four, I’m behind a computer screen. I’m still logging seven or eight miles of just walking time during the day by just going outside and being with my family.

Brittany: Hi, my name is Brittany Buckner and I am from Fayetteville Tennessee. Something that I’m thankful for during this time is more family time. My husband is now working from home, so although he’s working and getting stuff done, he also gets to be here with me and my daughter in the house. I’m also enjoying being able to work my business online, which is a huge blessing and something that I am very thankful for that I can still make an income for my family in this way. And I’m also thankful that I’ve been able to find different ways, different avenues to support my community, whether that be an online workout or a prayer to them or just finding different ways to connect with them has been really neat and very encouraging. So thank you Susie for doing this. I appreciate it and can’t wait to listen to the episode.

Kelly: Hello, my name is Kelly and I live in Reisterstown, Maryland. What I love about my new normal is the fact that I get to slow down. Life was so busy and so frantic, and we were going just from one thing to the next. I am loving the ability to be home, to learn and be present with my children, to have my husband working at home as well and exploring education and learning with them in a new and different way. I’m trying to find the beauty in the craziness and the calm in the storm and just enjoy being home with family.

Lindsey: Hi, my name is Lindsey Matthews and you can find me at trainer Lindsey on Instagram and Facebook. I am a ZYIA rep and an online fitness coach and you can check out my page for at home workouts and tips on navigating this crazy time while we’re staying home with our families. And one of the things that I love about my new normal is the time that I get to spend with my kids. I’m having my whole family under one roof just hanging out together makes my heart so, so happy. And I can’t complain about the extra sleep that we’re all getting right now as well. So I’m really trying hard to find the good in the situation. And I think there’s definitely a lot of good that we can find if we look for it. And those are just two of the things that I am super thankful for right now. 

Lehiwa: Hi, I’m Lehiwa Stewart and I live in Portland, Oregon. What I love about my new normal is the way our community has really come together. Even though we can’t physically be together virtually, we’ve come together and the best part about it is all of my workouts have been able to continue. My yoga and beer community that I go to often has streamed online yoga for us and there’s no cost for it. My CrossFit studio has also allowed each of us to pick up equipment. This was last week, pick up equipment from the gym, bring it home, and they’re streaming workouts every single day. And I just, I love it. So while we can’t be together physically in presence, we really have come together virtually and feel the love and support all over.

Katie: Hi, my name is Katie Harlan and I’m from Illinois. Something I’m loving about this new normal is that instead of lumping my kids into one category of kids, I’ve really been able to see their differences and enjoy their differences and that has been a really refreshing new thing. 

Erin: Hi, my name is Erin Bradley and I am from Utah and something that I love about my new normal is really finding the joy in the simple things in life. Again, I’m reading novels with my kids for the first time in a long time. We’re baking together, we’re doing arts and crafts, we’re exercising together, we’re playing games, watching movies, finding little tiny ways to serve the people around us. And it’s really made me reflect on the simple things truly what, is what brings us so much joy surrounded by the people that I love most. And this is something that I hope we take away from this year’s down the road and make sure we continue to remember this and to live by this.

Joanne: Hi, this is Joanne, aka, Suzy’s mom and I’m from Fayetteville. Something I like about my new normal is more time with Susie and the grandkids is I help out with homeschooling. Also, my husband and I have taken on a lot of different projects and this is the most organized my closets and dresser drawers have ever been. I’m also encouraged to hear that the earth is healing, less pollution these days. And I heard on the news that the water in Venice is clear enough to actually see the fish. God bless.

Suzy: No matter how you listen to that episode. I hope you will agree that this is the best run lift mom podcast episode out there. Thank you much for the many of you who contributed.

If you didn’t get to contribute, I want you to go to the show notes. You can either swipe up or click details. It’s going to depend on the player you’re listening to and you can call and leave me a message answering that question, “what’s something you love about your new normal?” I don’t know if I will get enough to do an entire other episode. If I do, I will and if I don’t, I’m going to sprinkle it in for the weeks to come. I want to also give you an update on this podcast. I do intend to do my weekly publishing of the episodes. Real talk. I’ve got a months that I was going to do in the upcoming weeks that I’ve kind of put to the side at this point. I understand the need for a lot of shows to do business as usual, but guys, it is not business as usual in the good one household, for run lift mom, my personal brand, I feel a need to respond to this.

I am not a clinician or a scientist. I am here to inspire an uplift in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood and as I can relate that to the health crisis and what you listeners are going through, that is exactly what I’m going to do. 

So get excited about Tuesday releases. Leave a message if you’re able and if you’re new to the run lift mom podcast, please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe, that helps others find this show and until I get into your earpiece again, remember for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is a value in every way as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. That’s from first timothy 4:8 and this has been the run lift mom podcast.

Run Lift Mom office hours are in session. From now until May I am opening up my private group. This group is typically for members who have paid for run lift mom flexible training. I’m opening it up to everyone because I’m going to be holding office hours at 8:00 pm on Thursdays on a weekly basis. It’s going to be 30 minutes long. You can submit your questions beforehand or join me there and I’m going to answer your questions about canceled races, what to do with your fitness if you don’t have access to a gym or just general running questions. If it is in my bandwidth as a running coach and master’s level educated health promotions professional, I will absolutely answer them. If it is out of my bandwidth, I’m going to find an answer for you and then get back to you the following week. So this is an open style office hours. Please go to www.activeopportunity.com, you’ll get access to that private Facebook. Again, it’s www.activeopportunity.com. I hope I see you there this Thursday at 8:00 pm eastern.

Susie: All right, I’ve got Katie danger with red h nutrition. Katie, you know I am a runner first and foremost. I’m doing anywhere from 20 to 40 miles per week. I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, tell me about super flexy. 

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Suzy: Ah, so if I’m understanding you correctly, you don’t have to be a runner to benefit from super flexy. 

Katie: No, it doesn’t matter what you do. In fact, even if you only workout three times a day, light cardio, maybe you’re just a walker. If you want to feel better and you want your joints and tissues to move the way you want them to, super flexy is essential.

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Thank you for listening to the run lift mom podcast. This begin as a passion project in February 2019 and now you guys, it is legit my favorite thing to do each week. Record with the guests that come on run lift mom, and then share their knowledge, expertise with you. I love this. I have done a lot of things right with this show. The thing that I’ve done wrong, I haven’t asked you to rate review and subscribe enough. You guys this is how other people find the show, so please do me a solid rate review and subscribe. Thank you for being a listener of run lift mom.