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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Episode 52: Run Pain Free with Pose Running Coach Valerie Hunt of RunRx


This Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode is an interview with PoseMethod Running Expert and RunRX Coach Valerie Hunt. Enjoy!

Show Notes

1:30 Valerie’s background in fitness 3:00 why learn running as a skill? 3:30 Pose Method of running 5:30 instructional videos 6:00 mechanics of running, Pose defined 7:00 gravity component in running and falling as part of running 10:00 longevity and health as a goal – 26.2 years versus 26.2 miles 12:00 on cadence and using hamstrings to pull 14:30 mindset in movement for organized sports and in fitness industry 16:00 do you cross train as a band aid instead of a fix 17:00 form benefits to running with a stroller 18:00 using a metronome at 4:4 count in self-coaching 20:00role of elasticity in running pain free 22:00 modeling healthy behavior 24:00 rapid fire

Check out Valerie online and work through her MANY instructional videos on YouTube and Instagram

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