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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Episode 26: NICU & Marathon Running with Suzanna Lemek


On this Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode we discuss the similarities between running marathons and being a NICU parent with Suzanna Lemek.

Show Notes

Suz Lemek compares marathon running to her NICU journey in today’s episode. Hear as she describes how she met me (2:00), running experience (3:00), why all parents should train for 26.2 (4:30), expectations didn’t meet reality in pregnancy (6:00), Carmen Sandiego breaks the news, holding off labor in L&D (10:00), cast of General Hospital for c-section (13:00), what it’s like to have a 1.5 pound baby (14:00), caring for 3 year old at home 2 hours away (16:00) Mom guilt and feeling torn between kids (17:30), survival rates (20:00), feeding and pain issues in NICU (22:00), focus on controllables to have at least ONE good thing each day (23:00), coping with stress (24:00) , closer in marriage via NICU (26:15), discharge and deductibles (27:00), perception of problems (29:00), origin of Audrey’s name (32:00), giving bad to Earlanger (34:00), rapid fire (35:00) 

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