Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Episode 19: Infertility, Triplets, & Fatherhood with Trey Goodwin


We mix things up in this Run Lift Mom Podcast Episode and I interview my husband, Trey, and gain insight into the obstacles he was facing when the triplets were born.

Show Notes

In this episode with my Husband & Father of 4 children, we cover: 2:00 infertility from Dad’s perspective 5:00 treatments, mood swings, & marriage obstacles 7:15 deployment during fatherhood 9:30 the great compromise 12:00 news of multiples after initial ultrasound 13:45 ninja baby 15:00 deployment during triplet pregnancy 17:30 men & women can be from Mars 20:00 seizure aftermath and cryptic texts 22:30 Army family love 24:45 moment of solitude 31:00 NICU vists and lack thereof 34:30 scariest moment 37:00 sense of responsibility in fatherhood 44:00 rapid fire