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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Do You Need to Lose Weight or Get Healthy?


This episode of Run Lift Mom answers the question, “do you need to lose weight or get healthy?” with Brandy Herrington of Weighting In Faith

Spoiler alert: they are two very different things.

My favorite part of this episode is how Brandy’s no-nonsense approach to health is rooted in her Faith. Make sure you catch that part! Sure, she is a clinician by trade and, yes, she knows her stuff on the nutrition and exercise side.

Her mindset and commitment to finding her best by knowing who she is in Christ is the story here!

About Brandy

Practicing as a physician assistant, Brandy Herrington’s trade lies with the medical community; however, her passion and heart will forever belong to fitness. Like so many other women, Brandy is familiar with the hallowing feelings of lack of self-respect, sense of loneliness and heavy sadness as the echoing fears haunted her that she was broken.

She would find temporary relief when starting a new fitness journey; only to find herself becoming uncomfortable and quit on herself which further deepened her sense of brokenness. Tired of having to “start over on Monday”, Brandy sought to end the self-sabotage cycles.

Envisioning the woman who God meant for Brandy to be was enough to turn her fitness journey into something much larger than herself. Now it has become her mission to help woman show up for themselves to become the woman who God meant for and needs them to be: strong, beautiful and an unstoppable force.

Show Notes

2:00 who are you? 3:00 finding balance with body happiness and fitness 5:00 a successful fitness journey is not started because you are disappointed in who you have become, but rather because you know who you are supposed to be 9:00 tactical tips for weight management 10:00 protein intake recall for 140g (best part of the show for learning by modeling healthy behavior!) 13:00 rapid fire 15:00 sponsors/how to support the show

Connect with Brandy

Brandy has built a private Facebook Group which serves as a community of women supporting each other as they become the women they want to be through fitness and Faith. This group is called Weighting In Faith, and we welcome everyone who longs to cultivate a life they love!

You can also connect with Brandy on Instagram, where she shares helpful fitness hacks as well as nutrition tips. This Sister in Christ is bold with her Faith as well and it is very inspiring!

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