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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

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Direct Sellers Guide to Brand Strategy and Design


This is the fifth album of the Serve then Sell podcast and we discuss graphic design in direct sales with Tara Cochran of Olive Fox Design.

Episode 1: Who is Tara?

2:00 exploring our relationship, from printable to website partner 2:00 background 3:00 how Tara helps small businesses and direct sellers with brand strategy 5:00 time savings is a huge value, work with someone who understands what you’re doing 6:30 your voice/image is not your brand’s – be you! 7:00 you’re not as good at Canva as you think you are

Episode 2: Design 101 for Direct Sales

Used with permission from PicMonkey
Used with permission from PicMonkey
  • Bare minimum graphics knowledge
  • Basics of colors, color theory 101
  • Basics of fonts/typography
  • File types
  • What tools are recommended?
  • Takeaway: consistent aesthetics will make you a recognizable brand, you don’t need to be a Graphic Designer to do it!

Here’s a great typography article with samples of serif versus san serif and another on best business fonts.

Get the Color & Typography Trail Guide Tara mentioned by clicking on the image below:

Episode 3: How to create graphics that expand your brand

  • Consider making your own graphics versus using stock images (there’s an exception here!)
  • Sharing you-centric content people want to share
  • Green Pepper example
  • Why you should watermark your work
  • Where to place logos or brand names as a watermark
  • Invest time into great work & don’t trust everyone on the Internet
  • Filters- who should use them, who shouldn’t

Episode 4: Making changes to your personal brand

  • Is it okay to make changes once colors & typography has been selected?
  • Defining rebrand versus pivot- there is a difference!
  • When to change aesthetics
  • Should you announce or just use new branding? Strategy points to consider.

Episode 5: Expansion strategies for direct sellers

  • When do you need to think beyond social media?
  • E-commerce bnasics
  • Do you need a website? Points to consider
  • Lead magnets for email strategy
  • Benefit of a well thought out email strategy with automation

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Graphic design in direct sales can be tricky, from fonts to colors! Don’t forget to download Tara’s Trail Guide by clicking on the button below:

Picking up what we’re putting down? This entire podcast is for service minded direct sellers like you.

You can contact me to promote your direct sales business or opportunity- several packages available, from simple dynamic insertion to guesting on an album like this!