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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Complete Guide to Social Media Shortcuts for Aloette reps


Here it is! The Complete Guide to Social Media shortcuts for Aloette reps.

This is by request from my team, many of who do Aloette part time as well as friends I’ve made in the brand who are also representing influencer style and/or have multiple brands to juggle.


As reps, we have access to a number of private groups to tap into for photos of women of every color, size, ethnicity, and age- use them!

I will never understand why Aloette reps feel the need to buy everything in the catalog. Your face is only so big!

We have groups that help you crowdsource everything you need, including stock images taken in home office and customer before/afters you can use in your social channels.

Search groups proactively for items you want to feature. Save posts in folders on Facebook instead of your device.

Naturally, these groups are sort of like give a penny, take a penny jars- you’ll want to contribute to them so they continue to be great places full of tools for any audience.

One of my favorite things about our brand is the abundance mindset and the private rep groups for crowdsourcing marketing materials is perhaps one of the best examples.

Share party templates among your team

Y’all know I don’t do parties as a primary strategy for Aloette.

It’s probably why I’m not a millionaire yet, but what can I say?! They don’t feel organic to me and I’m entirely too busy with my podcasting business to do things I don’t feel passionate about.

That said, I’m no idiot. I’m not going to stand on an Internet corner asking for hostesses, but if someone wants a party I will do it for them.

In fact, I could do one tomorrow. I could do 10 tomorrow! How? I have CinchShare templates from my team.

We share them. It’s a perk of joining with us.

Here’s how we take team templates and batch them for an entire party. This is how a new rep can go from “what’s a party?” to launching a business in less than 48 hours:

Repurpose content

The longer I do this job, the easier the social media part becomes. Why?

I spoke evergreen from day 1 (meaning, I used language that stands the test of time in reviews, captions, etc).

I have repurposed early content for podcasts, blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media posts. Same stuff, multiple places.

Additionally, if I get in a tough spot I can simply batch an entire week or month out on a scheduler like CinchShare or HelloWoofy.

CinchShare users click here
Lovers of HelloWoofy click here

Lazy? No. I’m not setting and forgetting- I’m simply freeing up time to engage with my audience using content I’ve already created. This approach allows me to enjoy social media as part of this business rather than becoming a slave to it!

Mix in some live video, creative (Reels, TikTok), or new/additional album photos for a best case scenario. The videos above are what to do in a pinch.

Let’s Connect

Are you here to snoop around and see what being a rep is like? Cool, cool. Here are some things for you to review before connecting with me:

Aloette is an established brand that provides 25% Commission at the start for affiliate style selling. You can move up to 30, then 35% without recruiting others.

If you have a blog, podcast, or affiliate strategy it is ideal because there are no minimums or rep fees. As the busy mama of 4, it’s simply made more sense for me because there isn’t a sense of urgency every Wednesday, chronic sell outs, or party structures.

You can even earn higher commissions through sales instead of or in addition to team building. 

I would love to tell you more. Reach out to me here!

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