Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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Best Affiliates for Mom Bloggers in 2021


Let’s talk about the best affiliates for mom bloggers in 2021.

You’ve heard these partners on my podcast or read about them in my blog, but I’ll unpack my favorites so you can decide if they’d be helpful for you, too!

You don’t need thousands of readers, listeners, or connections to benefit financially from these. I’m purposely highlighting ones that don’t have fees or minimums associated.


  • Payout: 1-10% depending on category (4% average)
  • Ease to join: 4 out of 10
  • Approval needed: yes
  • Cost to join: 0
  • Cookies: 7 days
  • Affiliate discount: none
  • Minimums: none

I know a lot of people are hating on Amazon Influencer program lately since they’ve lowered their payouts, but the fact of the matter is it’s an easy place to shop and you’ll convert more.

As a bonus, you’ll make money from “bounties” along with commissionable links, which means anything else someone puts in their cart when they buy your thing- you get credit for that, too.

Recently, I shared about a book that changed my way of thinking on a clothing brand I was involved with. One of the people who purchased the book also got her groceries within the same order, so I got bounty credit for her bananas, cereal, and bagel seasoning!

The commission for the book? A whopping .65. Total commission on the order? 5.65.

I maintain Amazon is still a great affiliate to be involved with and their Amazon Influencers program provides great training on things like live selling and SEO if you’re the personal development type.

Bonus: you can also get bounties from Amazon related products like Audible, though you want to note their affiliate program for 30 day trials is under a separate management company.

Red H Nutrition

  • Payout: 15%
  • Ease to join: 8 out of 10
  • Approval needed: yes
  • Cost to join: $99 (includes product)
  • Cookies: 30 days
  • Affiliate discount: 40%
  • Minimums: $200 quarterly (includes personal purchases)

This is a relatively unknown affiliate that does things in house. You can provide a 15% discount to your audience and receive 15% as well.

The company does a lot of sales, including 3 for 99 Bundles which means you can be a hero for your audience and get them a great deal.

Red H refers to their reps as “athletes” and the program began as a social sharing group but has quickly become affiliate style since the back office system that supports it offers full analytics, campaign sharing, and cookies.

There are Facebook groups for training if you’re new to this type of sharing and the owner, Katie, is very hands on.

There is no multi level structure here- just share and earn.

Bottom line: they are good people.

You can learn more about the history of this brand in the episode I did with the owner, who is also a Army Veteran:

Sarah Marie Design Studio

  • Payout: 10%
  • Ease to join: 7 out of 10
  • Approval needed: yes
  • Cost to join: 0
  • Cookies: 7 days
  • Affiliate discount: none (use your own 10% code)
  • Minimums: none

Sarah Marie Design Studio is a lifestyle running brand that creates casual wear, jewelry, and gifts for runners. You can provide your audience 10% and get 10% commission.

That’s a pretty good commission, considering you are not personally responsible for servicing returns or exchanges, sizing oops, etc. You’ll also get access to Ambassador only designs, imperfects, and super sale items.

There is a Facebook community for this one and, quite honestly, it’s a great group of women. Nobody is a hardcore e-commerce ninja- it’s mostly women like me who like supporting a female owned independent business in the US.

Doesn’t hurt that their stuff is cute as a button!


  • Payout: 25%
  • Ease to join: 8 out of 10
  • Approval needed: no, but application based for comped cost to join
  • Cost to join: $19.95
  • Affiliate discount: 25-35% (you can shop sales on top of this and maximize to 47%)
  • Minimums: $200 annually (includes personal purchases)

Real talk: it’s amazing to have affiliate partners that people are familiar with, but none of them are going to pay a ton. They’re just not.

A really successful month at any of the above will yield a fraction of what you’ll make at Aloette.

The affiliate program here is new, but begins at 25% payout.

You’ll get sales notices in advance so you can plan content accordingly- your audience will be delighted to explore the brand during BOGO or gift with purchase sales and since the base commission is twice what you’ll earn in other programs.

Here’s something you need to know: this brand has a direct sales model.

The affiliate program operates independently of this (so, single level selling with increases to 35% based on lifetime volume) but some of you will lose your mind when you check the #aloetteaffiliate tag on Instagram and see someone mentioning a team or a rank.

If you have disdain for MLM, this isn’t for you.

Aloette is forward thinking enough to create the affiliate arm of the brand but affiliates need to be respectful of the brand’s history. To apply for a free affiliate kit ($65 in full sized product), fill out the application:

Aloette enzyme peel tube


  • Payout: in kind donation (3 piece outfit monthly)
  • Ease to join: 4 out of 10
  • Approval needed: yes
  • Cost to join: none
  • Affiliate discount: none
  • Minimums: none

Ellie is a box of curated workout clothes every month

If your audience is fitness minded, it’s a great offering with 2 items for $39.95. 3 items for $44.95, or 5 items for $49.95. Value of the selections range from $100-180!

Real talk: you won’t make money from this one unless you have a very large following. My podcast pulls some legit numbers and I have 14K on Instagram, 48K on TikTok and I’m in the in kind program (product for content).

You get to choose a 3 piece outfit every month (there is a monthly approval process for campaigns, so you may not get chosen each month) in exchange for social media content.

I really like this concept, as opposed to similar brands, where you must buy first and then earn back your investment in number of conversions or commissions in a closed model of business.

You’re trading in one thing (money) for simplicity (new gear, no out of pocket) here. It’s a great complement to a primary partnership that is a consumable good.

As an added bonus, I’ve earned paid spots other marketing campaigns when I reference Ellie in my portfolio!

Note: to be an Ellie influencer you must have at least 5000 on Instagram, high engagement (at least 3%), and 70% female audience (this is to prevent accounts that buy followers and should be applauded!).

If you’re still building your portfolio you may want to earn some experience before applying here.

Honorable Mentions

These are business category affiliate relationships I have but don’t necessarily promote year round. They’re all fantastic and cost nothing to join.

Canva is a must for any content creator, especially if you’re thinking, “I’m no designer, lady!”

CinchShare is a no brainer for direct sales reps who are also content creators or affiliate marketers. The CEO and CMO are very accessible and offer training sessions for people who purchase the service through you.

Tailwind: ideal for bloggers or podcasters who use Pinterest to funnel website traffic. This one can also be used for Instagram. Best for long game growth!

HelloWoofy: a must for those who have a presence across multiple social media platforms, including Google My Business and TikTok.

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