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A Sobriety Story with Jennifer Golden


This episode is an interview about a sobriety story with Jennifer Golden, who is living proof that God can give you the strength to defeat addiction

From drink to drink

For a long time, Jennifer lived a life where every ounce of energy she went to drinking alcohol. 

As a high functioning alcoholic, Jennifer’s life revolved around drink to drink- when, where, how, and how much.

She is very open about being a woman in recovery and how to open up and get help; she sought help in early sobriety by working with a therapist and going to the gym.

Show notes

  • How the drinking pattern began 
  • What high functioning alcoholism looks like 
  • What high functioning alcoholism feels like 
  • The only difference between me & the homeless person on the corner with a brown bag was I had a job and some money”
  • Hurting others, losing marriage over drinking 
  • Getting clean and relapsing repeatedly- drinking is the socially acceptable way to date as an adult 
  • Living a deceptive life & always having an excuse for behavior 
  • Calibrating to begin the day and going to school drop off with a drink
  • August 12 2015 turning point 
  • Self talk- minute to hour, hour by hour, day by day 
  • The power of a glass of liquid 
  • Therapy as a recovery tool 
  • Fitness as a recovery tool. Pinterest and YouTube videos as trainer 
  • Replacing bad behavior with good behavior 
  • “I had no problem spending time on booze but I didn’t want to hire a trainer!”
  • Preconceived notion of what fitness community would be like – wrong! Everyone is there to better themselves.
  • Taking ownership of deceitful behaviors with marriage & eventual reconciliation in 2018 “It’s a gift of my sobriety I never saw coming!” 
  • You aren’t alone in addiction. Never too old to change your life! 
  • Instagram as a tool for sharing and coping 
  • Impact you can have on people. Butterfly effect 
  • ZYIA active rapid fire 

Connect and be inspired

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram and follow her journey of sobriety, which is almost 5 years in the making.

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