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2021 Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Recap


Here’s my 2021 Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Recap, Enjoy!

Bottom line up front

I have a new marathon PR & qualified for Boston by over 10 minutes at the Myrtle Beach marathon.

Say whaaaaat?!

God put the race on my heart a few weeks prior- I didn’t do any formal training for it but I did a half marathon about a month ago, so I guess you could say my aerobic engine was ready.

I am 5 pounds above my race weight. Sidenote: please do not send diet suggestions. It is stress weight and I am not open to change right now.

I am injured. Like, really injured. I don’t quite think it’s compartment syndrome in need of draining, but my Achilles is definitely inflamed and retaining some fluid. 

You probably think I’m nuts for towing the start line in the first place, but what can I say? I really wanted to race again. 

My last race was so awful I didn’t even write a recap and I didn’t want to carry around a bad marathon experience all summer since I’m not doing another until the fall.

Race day

My parents live in the Sunset Beach area now, so I drove down in the morning. I really appreciate it that this race sent me my bib before hand. 

I can’t remember if I paid an additional fee for this, but I absolutely think it’s worth it. Even outside of pandemic times, I have never liked the inconvenience of packet pick up. 

Most races are offering it now, so if you like having two hours in your schedule more than shopping an expo, I highly recommend.

That is a $50 throwaway. Men!

I met up with my friend Jackie, who is also my partner for the third year running in Fayetteville running clubs cupcake challenge for Independence Day, in the parking area and we want to start together. 

We also caught some of our other FRC friends for a photo op and it always makes me feel fantastic to see my people. 

This race organized runners by corrals and did a graduated start, with two minutes in between each group. Like most of the other races operating right now, we had to have masks in the starting area. 

I think these things are small price to pay for the gift of running again and I don’t mind them at all. 

I guess I’m the only one who didn’t rip off my mask immediately after crossing the start!

I started my race just below an eight minute mile and maintained a very consistent sub eight the entire time. It wasn’t quite a negative split, but it was very evenly paced, despite my watch issues. 

I forgot to hit start and didn’t realize it until just before the 5K point. Then, I was listening to peloton outdoor workouts in my headphones. Each workout lasted around 30 to 45 minutes. Each time I started a new one, my watch started over again. 

So, it wasn’t until the half marathon point when I caught up with the 3:30 pace group that I realized how fast I was going.

Sidenote: I am not a super fast runner. This is a very decent pace for an almost 40-year-old woman and 3:30 is 10 minutes faster than what I need this year to qualify for Boston. Good thing, too- cause in 2021, you needed to be 7:47 faster per the BAA (to actually toe the line). That’s, uh, aggressive.

309th marathon for my pal Bob. Running helped him find sobriety; he’s an ambassador for our sport in the AA community

I turn 40 in August, meaning in the 2022 race I will be 40 years old so 3:40 is my new qualifying time. Runners called us an age up here and it’s the only time you can take advantage of being a year younger than a qualifying time calls for.

The really surprising part of that is God took the pain in my achilles away COMPLETELY for The entire race. I am totally serious when I say it never bothered me. Not even one step.

Now, I had on my super shoes, but those do not guarantee against injury. 

I know there are those of you who think I am ridiculous when I say God put took the pain away but that is what happened. 

My Achilles started aching again the moment I crossed the finish line. 

There is no other explanation.

I want to make note about the course. There was definitely a headwind on the back half of the course, but we also had a tail wind for a portion of it as well. 

This course is really flat. Even though there are some turns, I would say it’s a great race to go for a personal record time on. 

This is actually the second time I’ve done this race but the first time was entirely too close to triplet pregnancy to do any damage on a good time. 

When it’s hot, run-in the d%*$ bra

Even though my husband gave me an unworn $50 Zyia shirt as a throwaway (!!!!!), it was an absolutely gorgeous day with a breeze the entire time. I ran in a sports bra + shorts and was very comfortable. 

I finished in the top 10% of the entire female field with a personal record of 3:26:06.

My fastest marathon prior to this was 3:28:36 and I did it in 2011, which was 4 kids and two pregnancies ago. 

I also weighed 10 pounds less than I do right now, which was so unhealthy I wasn’t getting a regular period. I guess my race weight isn’t as light as I thought it was afterall….which is great news and an important thing to point out.

My watch was wonky all day, so I’m realizing how far under my goal I was in this moment

Back to Boston

I am really excited about doing the Boston marathon again- this will be my 5th. I also ran in 2009, 2012, 2018, and 2019.

Thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors, and organizers of The Myrtle Beach Marathon! Great day