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Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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2021 Aloette Social Selling Guide, Days 90-120


Inspired by over 2 years and 6 digits of retail sales at ZYIA Active, here’s the 2021 Aloette Social Selling Guide, Days 90-120

This is part 4, so if you missed the first 3 articles, please go back and review.

Days 1-30

Days 30-60

Days 60-90

Days 90-120

Identify pain points for your ideal client

You just did a poll and a refreshed definition of your ideal client, which is the person you want to serve with your product or service.

Sure, it’s only a month later. I’m recommending you take the temperature on this often.

You probably haven’t built a humongous following of connections yet (feel free to prove me wrong here!), which is an advantage.

Your audience will still be straight up with you!

By this point, you not only know what he/she needs, you know them intimately enough to know pain points.

A pain point is a problem you can address specifically with your offering as a solution. 

My ideal customer feels overwhelmed (pain).

I can simplify her life by recommending versatile products that have more than one use like visible aid, essential cleansing oil, and be smooth.

Now she doesn’t need 7 containers in her cabinet, only 3!

I can’t help every area of her busy life, but as an added bonus of having a clear counter, she feels some mental peace as well.

Now, we are serving not selling.

Choose a secondary social media platform

Now, it’s time to add social media. Implement the same consistent effort you’ve been putting for previously. 

Assuming you’ve vetted this choice and it makes sense for your overall strategy, begin posting at least once daily. 

Where appropriate, use the same brand hashtag you’ve been using on your first platform so customers can use it to find you in multiple places. For example, folks can find me using #runliftmom on both Instagram and Facebook

You’re still maintaining 2-5 activities (feed posts, stories, live) daily on main social media. Get in the groove of 1-3 activities, depending on your bandwidth, on secondary social media.

Start where you are

Continue building email list and sending newsletter

You don’t own social media. If your Instagram account disappeared tomorrow, don’t let your business go with it.

Your goal by the end of this month is 100 addresses.

Pro tip: if you are still using the same lead magnet from month 2, reevaluate how it’s going and consider adding a second.

We have an entire library of lead magnets for you in our company social sharing community.

Aloette provides an internal social media coach who does this very professionally and allows you to brand each lead magnet as yourself!

Give the new one to your existing list as a “thank you” gift (do not ask for a sale at the same time – this is just because!) then use the second lead magnet publicly to get more people on your list.

Schedule 2 promos for next month

Here’s where you will start to pull back on in person events if being an influencer online is your ultimate goal. This is an important part of the Aloette social selling guide.

Aim for something in your industry space that would appeal to your ideal client.

As an example, I promoted ZYIA Active through a subscription box partnership. Several of the box subscribers are now repeat activewear customers almost 3 years later.

Be so good they can’t ignore you

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