Picture of Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Hi I'm Suzy, the host of Run Lift Mom!

Run Lift Mom is an audio podcast uplifting women and guiding mothers through their fitness journey. Episodes feature expert interviews in the topics of running, strength training, and motherhood.

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10 Lessons from 100 Run Lift Mom Podcast Episodes


The Run Lift Mom podcast is now 100 episodes in! I am thrilled Here are my top 10 sessions from my first 100 episodes of Run Lift Mom:

Lesson 1: a podcast takes time

Each 30 minute interview episode takes about 2 hours. 

I’m a one woman show and source guests, do pre interview research, conduct the interview, perform audio editing, write show notes, update the show page you’re looking at now on my website, and do promotion on multiple social media channels.

It took about 2 months of planning for my demos to even be recorded and I came to the table quite familiar with the industry, having sold podcast advertising a few years ago.

Then, there was “on the job training” for many of the tasks listed above and- gif I’m being honest- continuing education as my show continues to grow.

For you, regardless of whether you have a podcast, the lesson is things take time. Do things in the right order. You can’t run a marathon before you’ve run your first mile!

You can’t run a marathon before you’ve run your first mile! 

– me, on doing things in the right order

Lesson 2: energy is a limited resource

Fact: if you begin something new, your energy will need to come from somewhere. Picking up a new hobby means taking from or dropping something else.

For me, it was a personal decision to grow my personal brand by adding a podcast to my efforts as a ZYIA Active rep.

Did you know my Instagram handle used to be “runliftzyia”? The rationale was that the account’s content would have stuff about running, lifting, and ZYIA.

Then, people started really engaging with the motherhood lifestyle things I was posting. Like, more than anything else.

From there, my name changed and the podcast idea was born. I knew adding the Run Lift Mom podcast meant taking from ZYIA.

I’m okay with that. I’ve always liked having my hands in a few different jars so this suits me!

Lesson 3: ask big!

I’ve had some huge guests on the show: Miranda Alcaraz, Brenda Ster, Steph Gaudreau, Wendy Powell, Valerie Hunt, Emily McCarthy, Sue B Zimmerman, Erin Bradley.

It actually blows my mind to even write out these names. I would have no business speaking to these folks if it weren’t for my listening audience.

Have the courage to ask the question! People cannot say yes unless you’ve asked 

Have the courage to ask the question!

Me, on how to get big names on your show

Lesson 4: relationships come first 

You have to understand I had a relationship with each one of the big names listed above.

This isn’t cold messaging or “spraying and praying”.

I don’t know what kind of business you’re in, but even if it doesn’t involve a podcast you shouldn’t be cold messaging your social media contacts every day. Create a relationship first!

Lesson 5: it’s not about big guests, it’s about big relationships 

While it was a thrill personally to speak with the big names I’ve had on the Run Lift Mom podcast, listeners can feel when I have a relationship with the guest. 

100 shows is a pretty good sample, so I feel comfortable saying this: relatable, powerful stories get more plays than big names.  

My biggest shows, measured in number of plays, are in this order:

  1. Losing Weight and Finding Yourself with Taylor Register
  2. Infertility, Triplets, & Fatherhood with Trey Goodwin
  3. My Infertility Journey

then Miranda Alcaraz, Brenda Ster, and Erin Bradley (in that order!).

Lesson 6: all relationships matter 

Relationships with listeners are different from those with guests.

Many who listen to my show today didn’t listen when I began last February.

Many who listened when I began don’t listen now .

And that’s okay! 

I’ve been a regular podcast consumer for about 8 years now. I don’t personally listen to every show that served me in 2012 but I still have a fondness for them and still recommend the show- if it’s around- to those who need it. The relationship served me at the right time.

It’s actually a lot like friendships- not all are designed to last forever. You still love them and are grateful for the time together, right?!

Lesson 7: mentally start from scratch as needed

When I sold ads for New Mommy Media, now Independent Podcaster Network, in 2014, podcasting was a very different space. 

I remember calling on advertising partners, most of which hasn’t heard of a podcast, and being like, “have you heard the new show serial that’s out now?” 

It was an interesting time to be in the space- debatably the birth of podcasts going mainstream for business marketing budgets and general public consciousness.

When I started my own show in February 2019 I knew things had changed. I recognized my experience but essentially started from scratch. 

This is hard to do, especially if you’re a high achiever! 

Even if you aren’t in podcasting, recognize where you need to do this in your own life.

There’s a cool metaphor about about rear view mirrors that goes something like this: you can’t drive forward if you’re consumed with the rear view. Acknowledge what’s there but drive forward. 

rear view mirror metaphor with text and mirror image

Lesson 8: seek advice from others 

Before recording my demo episodes and beginning Run Lift Mom podcast, I had one on one conversations with my old Boss Sunny Gault who now heads the Independent Podcaster Network as well as several other Podcast Hosts.

I even spoke with a couple Hosts who had started a podcast and then stopped- I wanted to know why! 

It’s apples to oranges (after all, no two shows or hosts are the same!) but I am glad I learned from their experience. It gave me a head start.

Lesson 9: it’s okay to pivot 

The beauty of being an independent podcaster is you make the rules.

I have refrained from adding sponsors or partners I don’t believe in 100%. I am partnered only with brands I use myself on a regular basis.

I’ve changed format a couple of times, going from strictly interviews to short quick tip episodes to masterclasses to a combination. 

I’ve listened to my audience and polled informally probably more often than anyone has wanted- all in the interest of serving my listening audience’s interests.

Lesson 10: take note when prayers are answered

Speaking of serve…

Sure, I serve an audience of listeners but the Run Lift Mom podcast exists to honor God. I serve Him.

That loses listeners for me. They tell me so (via public reviews, which is always fun).

I’m fine with that. I’m not the only mom podcast out there for fitness enthusiasts so they can get their fix elsewhere, you know?!

When I started the ZYIA Active role that would eventually give birth to the Run Lift Mom podcast, my prayer was that God teach me through the business.

I had no clue what I was doing but I was willing to learn

That business now includes this show and I’m grateful for the tactical lessons my guests bring to the show, also for the skills I have picked up around managing a website, interviewing, audio and technical capabilities, marketing and workflow. 

My resume looks completely different now, even outside of sales numbers.

God has taught me and I know I have so much more to learn. I hope you’ll do me the honor of coming along for the ride as I continue the Run Lift Mom podcast!

I had no clue what I was doing but I was willing to learn

Me, on initial thoughts as an entrepreneur

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